Computer not starting and keyboard lights flashing

  s99Raj 10:43 18 Mar 2006

I have no power to a pc so replaced the PSU. Now it switches on but there is no beep, and the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock lights on the keyboard flash rapidly. The monitor does not come on, but stays in standby.
The graphics are built on the motherboard. I've tried removing and replacing the RAM also.

What could be wrong? Thank you.

  s99Raj 10:54 18 Mar 2006

I forgot to mention that as soon as I switch the new power supply on, the computer comes on, and I can't switch it off by holding down the power button on the tower case as normal.

  ulrich 11:31 18 Mar 2006

Have you checked all the connections again.

  s99Raj 11:37 18 Mar 2006

Yes, I've checked every connection possible.

  ACOLYTE 11:41 18 Mar 2006

Did you earth yourself when u fitted the new PSU?,it may be you shorted somthing.

  s99Raj 12:12 18 Mar 2006

I did earth myself first.
What happened was the lights on the front of the case started flashing (when the computer was working) and wouldn't switch off in the normal way.
So I switched it off at the mains, and now I have the problem described above.
There's a very light rapid clicking sound that appears to be coming from beneath the processor fan.

  s99Raj 12:18 18 Mar 2006

I've just noticed that the hard drive light on the front of the tower case also flashes rapidly and the CD drive does not open or close even though it's connected OK.

  ACOLYTE 12:37 18 Mar 2006

If you switched the pc off at the mains then windows wasnt shut down right,so the hard drive activity(flashing light) may be windows correcting erros with the OS,if the cd draw doesnt open then it sounds like a power fault as this should open even if windows isnt loaded as its a direct currnent from the PSU.Maybe u have a faulty PSU?

  s99Raj 21:44 18 Mar 2006

If Windows is correcting errors, then how long should this take? It seems to be taking forever as the flashing lights are non-stop.
The PSU is fine as it's brand new and works well in another separate computer. I agree that the CD drive should open and close independently even if Windows doesn't load but the fact that it doesn't - what could this mean?
Is the motherboard and/or processor buggered? Or could the fault lie elswehere?

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