computer not starting

  honey123 18:31 20 Jun 2006

My niece turnt the computer on on the light just flashed red and would not turn on. I s this time to ge new tower or is there an easy answer

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:46 20 Jun 2006

Need a little more info:

Make model of PC

anything come up on screen?

screen light red or tower light red

any sounds from tower , fans, hard drive clicking, beeps?

  honey123 18:49 20 Jun 2006

sorry new at this, she has packard bell, not to sure on the make. Its only 15months old, the light is on the tower the screen stays blank

  patsyanne 18:54 20 Jun 2006

Sorry if this sounds stupid but has someone turned off the screen ? theres a on /off button somewhere on it .

  honey123 18:56 20 Jun 2006

Its not silly that is the first thing i thought off

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 20 Jun 2006

Unplug any USB devices

Check all leads and connections and retry.

Any sounds?

  honey123 19:44 20 Jun 2006

i have just spoken to may niece and she said that when she turns on the screen now says no signal

  lotvic 23:56 20 Jun 2006

as Fruit Bat /\0/\ said - check leads

If the lead from the video card at the back of pc has worked loose there will not be a connection from pc tower to the monitor.

With the pc is switched off carefully pull out and then put back in each of the leads/cables, then switch pc back on.

  woodchip 00:09 21 Jun 2006

Sounds like the Power Supply as done a bunk. top of tower at the back where the fan is. it's a box with lots of wires coming out of it plugged into drives motherboard etc

  woodchip 00:10 21 Jun 2006

check the power switch is not stuck in

  DrScott 00:12 21 Jun 2006

The fact the screen says no signal kind of implies the VGA output is not working. Does the HDD make any noise as if it's booting?

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