Computer Networking Project Ideas

  Holtymet 16:40 17 Nov 2011


My name is John, I'm new to PCAdvisor and hope that some of you may be able to guide me to pick an interesting dissertation topic.

I have completed 2 years at university whilst studying Computer Network Technology, I have successfully completed Cisco CCNA1 & CCNA2 giving me a good understanding of the fundamentals of networking.

I have until May to find a project topic that is unique, interesting and hopefully one that will allow me to gain that all important 1:1!

Has anybody any ideas of emerging networking technology that would make for a good project, I'm happy to undertake either a development or research project. I quite enjoy security and wireless networks topics.

Thanks John

  mgmcc 17:32 17 Nov 2011

If you want something interesting, challenging and about which I know absolutely nothing, you could look into the implications for home users of the introduction of (and switch over to) TCP/IPv6 for internet access. I understand the protocol is already used by Windows 7 for "Homegroup" networking.

  Holtymet 21:33 17 Nov 2011

Thanks mgm,

Although very interesting the project has been done lots of times by previous classes.

A friend is designing and implementing an ipv6 network with lots of security addons and the project is worth maybe a 2:2! :(

I need something new exciting and that hasnt been done before! :D


  Forum Editor 11:13 20 Nov 2011


IPv6 is indeed used in Windows 7 Homegroup networking, and has caused more than a few problems. Many Windows 7 users have seen 'No internet access' messages when checking into why their laptops keep dropping a wireless connection.

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