Computer on the move

  faulties 10:45 25 Jan 2006

Hi all.
We are leaving these shores for 12 months. Taking off in a large motorhome.

We have the space so will it be possible to take the desktop with us?

I've spent a long time getting this as I'd like it and am not sure whether I want to start again with a laptop.

Will it put up with being moved fairly often? We expect to move camp site every 3-4 weeks and may cover 6-7000 miles in the year.

Thanks for any advise given.

  beynac 10:58 25 Jan 2006

I wouldn't think that the movement or vibration should be a problem if the PC is well padded. I assume that you will be travelling on the continent. If so, the electricity supply would need serious consideration. It can vary enormously in voltage and reliability. Some sort of surge protection is esential. I don't know whether reverse-polarity would cause a problem, but this is widespread on continental sites.

You would need to be careful about dust, heat and humidity. Obviously, if you have air-conditioning this should not be a problem. Security would be another consideration.

  woodchip 11:08 25 Jan 2006

If you intend using a Generator. You would be better getting a Regulated UPS. So it does not blow the comp with a spike of electric. Or use the top one hear click here
and a main Surge protection extension lead

  faulties 12:34 25 Jan 2006

I already have a surge protector which is going with us. I don't think reverse-polarity would be a problem, we have both positive and negative connectors which, I think, alters the current.

We don't have air-conditioning, may have to think about that, hadn't really expected to use it during the day only on an evening, when it's cooler. Mmmm will think about that.

Security has been thought about - got it out of sight and plenty of locks on both computer and van!

Thanks for the link for the UPS, had already decided we needed one.

PC Bilbo
Hadn't expected to go anywhere near anywhere where electrical storms are common, but you can't tell these days can you? Also, if there are any storms on the go I won't turn on. Fried a screen once with that problem.
The computer will be well seated during travel and strapped down too.

Thanks all, you've put my mind at rest. You all seem more bothered with the power protection, which I've already put to bed. It was the actual moving the thing that bothered me.

Will give it a go, wish me luck.

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