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  Joeyace 17:24 13 Nov 2004

I have an amd athlon 64 bit,socket 754,3000 processor.I am wondering if the cooling fan it brings as standard is "ok",or would it be a much better option to change it for one of these fancy ones we see advertised all over? If so could somebody advice on a better replacement.
Do "ram" heatspreaders actually work?
I am an avid reader of PC advisor,and most if not all of these power pc's I see in their tests carry the much acclaimed 1Gbyte ddr memory.Is anything over this number for somebody who is not an avid gamer an excess? or is more the merrier?
Apart from obvious space availability,how many fans would be sensibly required to adequately cool a normal 4 bay ATX tower? please advice on equipment needed.
Do these cooling fans (double fan flat type)that screw onto the underside of the hard drives really work?

  Irishman 18:13 13 Nov 2004

1 Download MBM from click here and run to see your processor temp. If you have no overheating probs then leave well alone. I have set it to sound an alarm if my XP2000 goes over 70 centigrade.

2 1 gig of ram is more than enough.

3 I have two 12 centimetre fans, one at the front pulling air in and one at the back taking air out. Again more than enough.

4 Hard drive fans do work to a certain extent but they are very noisy. You should only use these if you are having definite problems with the HD overheating.

Ram heat spreders do work... they take the chances out of the ram over heating in a overclocked system.

There are many fans about, look on click here for more

1GB is ok.. 512mb is fine for photoshoppping browsing just general things but a 1gb set will do wonders for gaming, i should know 512mb extra on Grand Theft auto made all the difference!

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