Computer mind of its own?

  Daxsimus 23:36 06 Oct 2004

Until recently my comp has been fine. Now it seems to chnage settings at random. The main annoyances are that it places documents and pictures from my files onto the desktop when it feels like it and always does it when I restart. The mouse pointer changes at random. All of these things happen without me doing anything. I have done countless virus scans and adaware/spybot scans all to no avail.
Any help greatly welcome as it is driving me mad!!

  end 23:39 06 Oct 2004

for the experts on the forum ( which means not me!!)can you give your OS and any virus protection you have please:)

  stalion 23:40 06 Oct 2004

have you tried this scan if not tick scan all files and run it
click here

  Daxsimus 23:42 06 Oct 2004

Running Win XP home and norton antivirus 2004. Also got zonealarm installed and spyware blaster.

  Daxsimus 23:43 06 Oct 2004

Yes I tried that scan last night, found it on another thread you had posted to. But it did not find anything. That is what is so puzzling I thought for sure I had picked up a virus somewhere.

  stalion 23:45 06 Oct 2004

when did this start have you tried a system restore

  Daxsimus 23:49 06 Oct 2004

Yes I did think of doing that, but I've installed progs after the problem started so just wondered if there was a solution without doing the restore. Also would like to know the cause so it doesn't happen again. But might have to be a restore if the only solution.

  The Spires 08:45 07 Oct 2004

You may have a trojan, these often are not picked up by anti-virus progs. Download update click here (A2 Free Edition) & see if it picks up anything.

  Rebecca* 20:48 07 Oct 2004

Thanks downloaded that but says all clear. Any more ideas? Could it possibly be a software conflict or something? And if so how can I find the cause. At my wits end with it now.

  It's Me 22:03 07 Oct 2004

I seemed to have missed something. I thought it was Daxsimus:))

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