Computer lost IP codes - why ?

  Furkin 09:08 06 Jun 2008

Hi again,
A couple of days ago I lost my BT BBand connection altogether.
After several hours on the phone to BT it turns out that my computer had lost the IP Codes (&/or its ability to receive them from Router).
In the end we 'forced' the codes & everything is now o.k.

My question: both for the future & anyone else with similar probs -
1) What would cause a computer to lose the codes &/or ability to retain / obtain them ?
2) How do we fix it ?

thanks for reading,,,,,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:44 06 Jun 2008

a) a virus
b) corrupt windows files
c) failing hard drive causing above corruption

a) a good virus scanner that works in realtime mode such as AVAST or AVG.
b)a repair of windows by sfc /scannow or a repair install
c) regular maintenance ofthe drive scans and defrags. / replace the drive if problems constantly occurring

  Furkin 18:22 06 Jun 2008

Cheers FB:

This is the first time it's happened,,,,
Last weekend I did:
Full scan with AVG v8
Full scan with S.AntiSpy

The HDD is about 10months old.
It's single user / home machine.
I have XP Pro with SP2 (SP3 disc on way)
2Gb RAM. IE v6.


Is sfc /scannow an actual 'fix',,,, or do I need to do more once in that mode please ?

(I have a post running re Very slow/non existant Link following [initial loading of IE is a pain])

Do you think it may be realted ?

  Furkin 18:22 06 Jun 2008

ooooooooooooops - 'related' !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 06 Jun 2008

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

  Furkin 19:49 06 Jun 2008

My Service pack 2 is included in the XP Pro disc.
Sorry to sound dim (wot - again ?!) but what route do I follow to do a scan ?

Is it better to disconnect from the 'net whilst doing this - or dosn't it matter ?

  brundle 19:56 06 Jun 2008

The `loss of IP codes` is most likely a DHCP issue (a protocol that handles automatic IP address assignment amongst devices). Hard to pin down a reason without more background information, but all the checks you're doing are worthwhile.

  birdface 08:44 07 Jun 2008

Like Fruit Bat says.Go to start.Run. type in sfc /scannow and press ok make sure you leave a space between the sfc and the forward slash or it will not work.What will cause this to happen you said.I believe you already tried to download SP3 and had to remove it.Probably that.I ended up having to reformat when I removed the beta version.What will slow your computer down.possibly AVG8.Have you tried. my computer.right click C Drive.Properties.Tools.Check now.And tick both squares.Then reboot your computer for it to will take about an hour.

  birdface 14:22 07 Jun 2008

Sorry got you mixed up with someone was not you that had the SP3 problems.

  Furkin 10:57 08 Jun 2008

Yes I am the same person who had a prob with SP3 on another post - sorry for the confusion. Have sent for disc copy from MS.
As above: I need to put my XP (SP2)disc in to run sfc /scannow.
When I do - it comes up with the usual choices of what to do next:
Install XP Pro
Learn about Set-Up
Install Options
Check compatability
Perform other tasks.
It seemed to me that I needed the last one so I clicked that & got:
Set-up remote connection
Set-up home network
Transfer Files
Browse this CD
View notes
Install Net frameworks.
I know that it will seem self evident to you folks,,,, but which route do I go from opening the CD ?

thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  birdface 11:12 08 Jun 2008

Sorry never explained right.You run sfc /scannow and only put the disc in if you are prompted to do so.

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