Computer loop or Virus ??

  Conner Wade 09:14 26 Apr 2017

Hi there I'm having a massive problem with my computer and spent all day trying to fix it with no luck.

Before we try anything I have tried restarting this Pc, reinstalling windows and using an antivirus (to which my computer has 10 total and they are adware).

The main issue stopping my computer doing anything is the fact that most things downloaded will not work and will say "this can't be used on your pc" things that can run and get installed such as the antivirus (it removed the viruses) or anything I have deleted and uninstalled will be put back upon reboot. That's right everything gets put back viruses and all.

I have an SSD 120gb (19gb free - Windows 10) and a HDD (3TB), I cannot remove patition on the SSD to install windows and the one time I was able to it stopped half way through and then wouldn't let me do it again.

I'm very lost for what I can do, I even downloaded the restart windows tool from Microsoft website but the computer wont find any updates (this includes Microsoft based and even graphics drivers).

I'm not very technical but I can follow mostly a lot of things with certain understanding just bare with me a little. please if you know anything or are willing to help I really need it and have no clue what to do I tried yesterday for 10 hours straight

  Archonar 13:11 26 Apr 2017

If you don't care about reinstalling windows, you can download the media creation tool on another computer, use it to put the media onto a usb stick (follow the guide for using this tool on a different pc) and use it to completely wipe both drives. Once the drives are clean you can then reinstall windows and you will be virus free. This will remove all data on the drives - you have been warned!

To get to the command prompt from the install media:

  1. Plug the usb in and use BIOS to boot to it (set it as the first priority)
  2. Once it boots, click "repair windows installation", or something similar I can't remember the exact wording
  3. Go to the advanced repair tools tab and open a command prompt
  4. Type diskpart, press enter and follow this guide from step 4 onwards

Note that if you only want to clean the ssd then be sure that you select the correct disk at step 5. If you want to clean them all then just select each of them one after another and clean them all.

Once the disks are clean reboot the computer and use the installation media to reinstall windows onto the ssd and you should be good.

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