computer lockup

  ronec 13:32 13 Apr 2007

My daughters computer has been running slow so I installed 2x 512mb Ram modules together with the existing 2x 256MB. I restarted the comuter and it recognised the total RAM as 1536 and worked OK.
Next day on starting, it locked up at the 'windows is opening...' stage. After checking everything was installed correctly and I had not loosened any connections I restarted it and it got to the log in stage and locked again. After trying a couple more things it started and I managed to get onto the internet. When my daughter switched user, it locked again. No matter what I try it will not get beyond the log in stage. A guy who looked at it last night said he thought the hard drive was 'Kaput'
How could fitting new RAM affect the hard drive?
Has anyone any other suggestions?

  I am Spartacus 13:34 13 Apr 2007

Have you tried it with the new RAM removed?

  wee eddie 13:47 13 Apr 2007

First thing: Go back to the original configuration with just the 2x256.

If that works. Reinstall the RAM with the bigger sticks in the first 2 slots.

Then get back to us

  ronec 13:51 13 Apr 2007

Thanks guys. I tried so many things I think I took out the new ram and tried, but will do it again. I had the larger ram in the first two slots but I had the trouble so spoke to Crucial and they said to put them in the cofiguration they are now.

  wee eddie 13:57 13 Apr 2007

Such coincidences only happen in books.

However: Check all your connections are good as you may have accidentally knocked one of them.

Then: Back to the original configuration and start in Safe Mode. Hit F8 while the PC is starting-up.

  ronec 16:24 13 Apr 2007

Thanks wee eddie.
I have been out of the house for a while paying for the service on my motorbike. I am going round to check the computer shortly. will let you know if it works

  p;3 16:30 13 Apr 2007

of interest, what windows version are you trying to run?

  ronec 16:33 13 Apr 2007

Hi p;3
The computer runs XP home edition

  p;3 16:40 13 Apr 2007

how much Ram have you got at present?

I admit I am not au fait WITH Rams specs BUT I was kinda wondering if you were trying to run with too much Ram? ( and now someone will come and prove me completley wrong::))

  ronec 17:05 13 Apr 2007

Hi p;3
Total RAM at present 1536MB up from 512.
I did a 'Crucial' online test and they reported that more than that would be OK for the system.

  wee eddie 18:08 13 Apr 2007

What Anti Virus, Fire Wall and Anti Spy-wear is she running and are they kept up to date and run regularly.

Does she Defragment, clear the Internet Temporary Files and empty the Recycle Bin on a regularly.

When she says it's running slow, has she told you what she means. For example: Has she just bought the latest Sims Update? In which case: What Graphics Card is she using?

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