Computer locks up in xp pro

  Clive glover 10:09 27 Sep 2003

Been running xp for a long time but the computer keeps locking up and I have to re boot system never had this problem before no new programs or hardware installed

  Lozzy 12:44 27 Sep 2003

Have you used Windows Update recently??

  spuds 13:43 27 Sep 2003

You mention that you have not installed any new hardware. I had a similar locking up/freeze/crashing problem with XP Pro.

Eventually traced the problem back to a USB device.I had a printer installed via a self powered USB 4 port hub. The computer was giving problems,and I found this was when I used the printer, more often than not. I was unable to solve the problem, so I contacted the manufacturers. Their advice was to use a straight USB port connection on the computer, and not use the self powered hub. Tried it and it, and everything as been okay since.Not saying this is the answer to your problem, but worth checking your USB connections,and devices attached,as a try out.

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