Computer locks up with wireless USB adaptor

  Nicholas 12:11 04 Jul 2003

I have fitted my laptop with a wireless USB adaptor from Linksys to be able to connect to the Internet through a router which is connected to my main computer. When the USB adaptor is fitted I cannot use programs such as Word as the computer just locks up. I then have to disconnect the USB adaptor and reboot the machine and only then can I use Word. I am running the computer on Windows 98. I have contacted Linksys support who say it's not a problem with the adaptor and to check the computer settings. Trouble is - I don't know what settings to check. Can anyone help?

  BillEmm 16:36 04 Jul 2003

Your problem is probably power related.

Firstly, make sure your laptop is being powered from the mains when using 'heavy' USB devices.

Secondly, power your Linksys off a USB self-powered hub and not one of those laptop or pocket jobs. It must be capable of over-current support and that means something like a Belkin F5U101 or F5U021 or a Lindy 32889 Smart Hub Pro. The latter is a small, neat, and capable device.


  Nicholas 17:35 04 Jul 2003

I am already running the computer through the mains adaptor. I don't really want to pay out for a self-powered hub. If the USB adaptor doesn't work on the laptop do you think that I should have purchased the wireless PCMA card adaptor instead of the USB one?

  BillEmm 17:44 04 Jul 2003

Yes, the card would have been the better bet, tho' the Linksys is a pretty good product...but it does need the hub!


  Nicholas 23:29 06 Jul 2003

Reply from Linksys support:
I contacted linksys about needing a self-powered hub and their response is:

It does not really need a USB hub, the WUSB11 gets its power from the laptop or PC where it is installed. The laptop should be able to support the wattage that the adapter needs so that it may be able to run properly.

Which still doesn't get me out of the pooh on the problem!


  jazzypop 23:48 06 Jul 2003

OK, let's assume that Linksys are right, for a moment.

That really just leaves a software issue as the culprit.

Are you using the most recent driver for the wireless adaptor? - check the Linksys website.

Is the adaptor correctly installed? Are there any yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager? Does everything work fine if you are not running Word (e.g. browsing the Web, transferring files across your local network, etc)?

Is it just Word that causes your PC to lock up?

When your PC locks up, press ctrl-alt-del and see if any programs are listed as 'not responding'

  woodchip 23:56 06 Jul 2003

Is it a memory sharing problem, you need to go into device manager to check these out.

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