Computer loading issues upon start up

  kamlopez 17:51 09 Apr 2017

Disclaimer, I'm not tech savvy at all so it'd be a great help if you could simplify any solutions as if you were explaining it to a child especially when it comes to PC jargon, thanks!

So, basically, my computer has been acting super strange recently, like just not loading anything. Normally Skype always boots up, and when I click on things such as google chrome or documents, the pages load. However nothing is loading up or even opening, it's as if they just refuse to open, or are opening at such a slow rate that I'd have to be sat there for hours.

I figured out how to open safe mode with networking features which is how I'm able to use google chrome to post this question now, but I can't use my AVG because apparently you can't use it during safe mode, which is what it tells me when I click the icon to open it.

As of yesterday and today, when using the computer in normal mode and trying to open the internet, for example, the mouse will change to the blue ring as if loading something, and suddenly the laptop will restart itself, and the same thing will happen if I try to open anything. I was wondering whether this was a virus or malware of sorts, and how exactly I can go about getting rid of this without having to send it to the shop?

Thank you in advance for any help! And again, please dumb it down for me, I'm really not proficient in tech jargon, sadly.

  MJS WARLORD 18:06 09 Apr 2017

type system configuration into search box the click start up tab , do you see anything you dont recognise , if so untick it.

go to add/remove and look for any software items you dont recognise and uninstall them.

download the free version of antimal warebytes , when you run a scan , if it finds anything the program will quarantine it , after a restart go to the quarantine tab and delete what it finds... VERY IMPORTANT ..... spywear nasties etc can be made up of several segments and it is not always possible to find and delete everything on the first scans. you MUST do repeat scans until nothing is found.

  kamlopez 23:40 09 Apr 2017

I did this and I did a repeat scan but there are no more threats to be detected, and the problem still persists, so I don't think it's a virus. Any other solutions you can think of..?

  rdave13 01:27 10 Apr 2017

Possibly AVG has become corrupt for some reason. There's a removal tool here.

Make sure you have a copy of the licence before trying removal.

On removing AVG then run Defender (should be automatically started) and see how the PC runs. Give defender an hour or so to update. If all OK then reinstall AVG.

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