Computer Keeps Turning Itself On/Off.Why?

  Big L 266 09:58 23 Dec 2008

Hello.On Sunday morning,I did a full weekly security sweep with Ad-aware,McAfee,Spybot etc and it found a single cookie.On Sunday afternoon,I was doing a full external hard drive update.Then the mains went on/off for a single second mid-update.The external hard drive lost all the information but the main computer appeared unaffected.Since then,my computer just keeps turning itself on and off,I'm unable to run any security software either in part or in full,my McAfee often tells me I'm not fully protected.I've downloaded it again but to not avail.I believe also the internal back-up hard-drive sometimes kicks in when running any security sweeps and this affects the sweep.

I'm at an absolute loss to know what has happened,or why my fully protected computer is doing this.ANy help and suggestions would be most welcomed. Thank you in advance.

  Technotiger 10:01 23 Dec 2008

If the mains went off, even for a second, it is possible that your PSU has been adversely affected. Can you try another PSU?

  Big L 266 10:09 23 Dec 2008

Hello.I've only got the one computer Technotiger.At the moment it appears to be behaving itself.I need to save the hard-drive as it has my entire 36000 track cd collection on it (as does the internal back-up and one of my two external hard drives).

There was no power surge either.My Belkin Critical would've prevented any damage.I wonder if a bug sneaked it.How do I find out in safe mode as I've not ever done this before.

I'm hedging my bets its a bug rather than the PSU. (Everything crossed!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 23 Dec 2008

Auto-reboot disable:
When Running windows and it crashes you will get a blue screen and it will automatically restart, often it will restart too fast for you to see the error message.
To disable auto restart on system failure, so you can see the error message.

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System (Windows+Pause works, too)
2. Go to Advanced
3. Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings...
4. Under System Failure un-check "Automatically restart"

  Technotiger 17:09 23 Dec 2008

I hope it is still behaving itself - if you take Fruit Bat /\0/\'s advice, you can get back here and let us know of any error message.

  Big L 266 17:34 23 Dec 2008

Hello Fruit Bat & Technotiger. I've done a complete 'safe-mode' security check and found 6 browser infections and 1 cookie called 'Quantserve' now long since gone.

I believe the mains problem also did something to my McAfee and this is my (hopefully) last remaining problem. I uninstalled then reinstalled McAfee as bits of clearly didn't work.Sadly,even under 'safe-mode'it will not run a full sweep.The computer managed 30% of its sweep before switching itself off and on again.I've reconfigured it to work in full. I then did a further 'safe-mode' sweep of everything and nothing was found hence my being back online. I still can't work out why I cannot do a full scan in either 'safe-mode' or from the 'desktop' without the computer turning itself off and on.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

I can say that everything else works fine now! (Further arthritic 'crossed fingers'!)

  Sea Urchin 17:46 23 Dec 2008

Apart from the problem you posted it seems. Have you tried what Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggested, so that you can read the error message when it goes off

  Big L 266 18:10 23 Dec 2008

I'm going to do what Fruit Bat suggests after this as I'm more than curious as to why its done what its done.My main concern was to get the 'safe mode' done and get up and running.Thank you for the reminder Sea Urchin.

  Big L 266 18:17 23 Dec 2008

Hello.I've done what you suggest and there is a message which says "The C;\boot.ini file can not be opened. Operating system time out can not be changed". However, I have unchecked the box and clicked 'ok'.

Do you think this will go so way towards helping solve the problem? By the way,I've been online for 68 minutes with no problems.

Thank you.

  Sea Urchin 19:13 23 Dec 2008

Sounds promising to me, but Fruit Bat /\0/\ is much more knowledgeable than I am in these matters. Maybe he will look in again later.

Oh, and thanks for reminding me of those halcyon days in the 60's listening to Radio London :@)

  Big L 266 19:41 23 Dec 2008

Hello Sea Urchin. Indeed "Big L 266" was indeed my favourite radio station when I was growing up in the 60s! Can't believe its 41 years ago when it closed down - I was only 13 then! Oh my gosh how the time flies!

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