Computer keeps shutting down.

  Daibus 08:49 07 Nov 2003

Suddenly my computer has started to switch off after about 15 minutes or so and then re-boots.

Have checked for viruses with none found.
An error message is then displayed saying that" The system has recovered from a serious error" and these words are displayed :-


Any help would be much appreciated

  critic-al 09:07 07 Nov 2003

what is your os?

  Daibus 09:38 07 Nov 2003


My OS is Windows XP home.


  simonp1 09:43 07 Nov 2003

are you playing any games when it happens or using programs that require at lot of memory.

Have you changed any componets latley or added any software or done any tinkering??

  temp003 09:58 07 Nov 2003

The error message merely gives the path to the minidump file which is created when there's a crash. The minidump file is not much help to us because we won't know how to read it.

Click Start, Run, type eventvwr.msc and press enter. This gives you the Event Log. Highlight the System Log on the left, and look for errors with a red cross on the right. Double click the error entry to read the details. The time for each event is recorded, and you can work out which error has caused the crash.

Even that entry is quite often impossible to decipher, but sometimes it may give an indication of what's wrong.

Also, right click My Computer, select Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery, Settings. Under System Failure, untick the box for "Automatically reboot", click OK, and OK. Next time a crash happens, you will get the Blue Screen of Death, with details of the error. Write it down the error message (although it should be recorded in the System Log anyway).

  Daibus 10:00 07 Nov 2003


No, not a lot of tinkering and no games at all.

It shuts down very often when inactive, and I am not using any programmes that require a lot of memory.
The only software recently installed was "MSGTAGS" the e-mail receipt programme.

I have now de-installed it but have you any experience of this programme, or do you think it is possible that it could be causing the problem ?

  Daibus 10:15 07 Nov 2003


Thank you for your help.

Consulted Event Log and found the red cross item and the message read "System recovered from a bug check"
The numbers 102/1003/1001 are also displayed.

Any ideas ?

  rawprawn 12:05 07 Nov 2003

Try looking at Control Panel/Power Options & make sure that none of the boxes are set to switch off or hibernate.

  Daibus 13:37 07 Nov 2003


The Hibernate box was ticked but after unticking it, I still have the problem.
All the other settings are set to Never.

Any more ideas ?

  rawprawn 14:05 07 Nov 2003

I suppose it's too obvious to ask if you have tried system restore ? but I nearly always find that problems are something simple that has happened

  rawprawn 14:27 07 Nov 2003

Another thing put your XP cd in the drive, then exit (leave the cd in) go to run type sfc /scannow, that should repair any missing or corrupt files.

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