Computer keeps restarting

  crewey 12:38 29 Dec 2005

Please help.......I have two computers on a wireless Network, both running XP Pro. A couple of weeks ago the "client" computer began to constantly reset itself. It would boot up to the "Windows is starting" screen and then reset itself constantly. I tried reinstalling XP and even reformatted the Hard drive and then reinstalled XP, all to no avail, it just carried on resetting. I switched the Ram and checked for loose components etc. Eventually I changed the hard drive and everything is ok. However, yesterday the "host" computer began doing the exact same thing! I have used "ultimate Boot CD" to check the MBR and virus scan etc, as well as the RAM and the CPU, which all report as ok. I have temporarily installed a spare hard drive and installed XP and it is working fine. The problem is I have 60 Gigs worth of programs and data etc on the other drive and really need to get it up and running again. Can anybody suggest any solutions? Sorry that this is so long, but I thought that I should put the problem in context.
Thanks in anticipation.

  igk 13:25 29 Dec 2005

This is not the ultimate solution but it may help to find out the problem..
On the pc that is playing up Do a properties on "my computer" then select the "Advanced" tab and then "start up and recovery" settings button then take the tick out of "automatically restart"
then apply/ok and you may have to reboot..
Then when the problem occours you will get error codes/info to work from and you will know its a software problem..
If the pc still reboots itself then it must be a hardware problem, I know you said that you checked ram and cpu but there still could be a problem somewhere with these or the mobo..
Hope this helps..

  crewey 13:53 29 Dec 2005

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply, the problem is I can't get past the "windows loading" screen-it won't boot up at all.

  handy4x 13:56 29 Dec 2005

just a thought maybe the reset swich is stuck or faulty you could try disconecting it from the motherboard

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:59 29 Dec 2005

Rebboting at windows startup screen is often caused by driver conflict.

can you boot into safe mode? (F8 while booting)

  BJN 14:27 29 Dec 2005

maybe worth a try as I had a Pc that kept rebooting. enter bios and check that

"wake on lan" or "wake on PCI" are not enabled.

Disabling them cured my problem with a networked computer. As the network (router) was still connected on shutdown it rebooted.


  crewey 15:44 29 Dec 2005

Hi, can't boot in safe mode (still resets itself and when I tried a Windows repair it got half way through (37 minutes to go!) and reset itself. This happens each time I try to do a repair. I have the hard drive as a slave on this machine at the moment and it is fully accessible, so I replaced the KERNEL32.DLL as recommended by Microsoft as well as the autoexec.bat and the config.sys files (from the repair folder). None of this has made any difference. It is looking more and more likely that the solution might be to drop it from a great height!! Any more ideas would be welcomed.

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