Computer keeps rebooting

  snowy30 18:06 16 Jul 2012

Can somebody help me with my computer please?

Just now, as I switched on my main computer, it powered up for a second then shuts down - but the light remains on on the power switch. Tried this for a few times.

Since I've laid it on its side it now just keeps rebooting, and not loading up windows at all. Although it goes as far as the Windows XP logo, but it fails to fully boot up to windows and restarts again. It doesn't even boot up to safe mode, but it can boot up to BIOS.


  robin_x 18:27 16 Jul 2012

Please clarify.

Right way up, it switches off after 1 sec?

On its side, it gets to XP logo?


Have you tried it upside down?

  birdface 18:48 16 Jul 2012

If an oldish computer check that the air vents are clear of dust and fluff.if so inside will need cleaning out as well.

  lotvic 18:53 16 Jul 2012

Is BIOS set to HALT on all errors? if so turn that option off and then see what, if any, error message is displayed on screen

Also remove harddrive and see how far it gets (should get to stage where it tells you 'no bootable media)

Also reseat the RAM sticks, and try with only one stick in at a time (one of them may be loose or faulty) check all other connections (especially after you have had it upside-down.... robinofloxley[grin]) and clean out any muck and dust from inside casing.

Switch off and disconnect mains plug between each of the above.

When you want to switch off hold in the power button for about 10 seconds.

  snowy30 19:07 16 Jul 2012

I didn't turn it upside down, and since I've laid it on its side it continually reboots, even if it's the right way up

  snowy30 19:10 16 Jul 2012

when I tries to get the computer to boot without any errors it goes to a blue screen with tech information at the bottom STOP: 0x000000ED

  lotvic 19:13 16 Jul 2012

Try the things I suggested and let us know the results. (I'm glad you didn't try it upside down, although I expect it wouldn't have done any harm it would have been darned awkward)

  lotvic 19:20 16 Jul 2012


is that the message?

You still need to go through the other steps to eliminate a problem with any of them. It could be the harddrive cable connections.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 16 Jul 2012
  snowy30 21:55 16 Jul 2012

I went through the procedure above and the problem still remains, I disconnected the hard drive and secondary drive - with the HDD disconnected a message came up saying no bootable disk or something, with the secondary drive disconnected the problem remains as above. With the memory unseated there was one continous beep. And I hoovered all the dirt out and yet nothing has been solved. And yes that was the message I was getting on a blue screen after trying to use anything like recorvery console

  snowy30 22:03 16 Jul 2012

how am I suppose to make bootable floppies since my lappy doesn't have a floppy drive?

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