computer keeps rebooting

  cherie 11:01 20 Aug 2003

Help! Having sorted out yeterday's problems I now find that if I try to shut down I get the message 'Windows is shutting down'. It then has a black screen & immediately reboots!!

  -pops- 11:25 20 Aug 2003

Can you refer us to yesterday's problems please?

  cherie 11:36 20 Aug 2003

Sorry! They were probably unrelated but I had a few problems copying MSMoney files onto my new XP computer as I couldn't find the Money disk. I did eventually find it and all was well. Last night I installed my old Logitech cordless keyboard & mouse to the new computer and it all seemed OK but this morning I configured the hot keys for Internet, e-mail etc. access so I don't know if that could have caused the problem. I only bought the computer on Saturday so there won't be a problem getting it sorted out(I HOPE!!)

  Ben Avery 11:39 20 Aug 2003

Have you run a search for the MSBlast.exe file as part of the virus' work involves this very issue!


  cherie 11:47 20 Aug 2003

Thanks,Ben, I've got Norton anti-virus enabled. I did check and there's no sign of it.

  alcudia 11:54 20 Aug 2003

I think MSBlast restarts you without any input. It seems Cherie is deliberately trying to shut down, but it keeps restarting. I think it's possible that Logitec may be the problem here. I tried one of these on my machine. The result was it wouldn't shut down at all. The reason being that the driver would not install correctly. I ended up re-formatting and trying again on a clean system. This lead to a second re-format on the same day. The keyboard went in the bin. See if you can unistall the keyboard and mouse and test the result.

Glad to see you Money sorted. Sorry for the wrong advice. '97 is the version I use and I should have known this.

  keith-236785 11:57 20 Aug 2003

sounds like the Blaster virus (msblast,Lovsan.A), i had this on saturday and it took me four hours to get rid of it.

as Ben says do a search for msblast, if it finds it then you have a big problem.

if it is there, goto symantec's web site and download the removal tool click here.

before you run this, clear your Temp folder & Temporary internet files folder and also your prefetch folder, delete any files you have downloaded recently that might have brought the virus with them. Disconnect from the internet then run the removal tool.

good luck

  cherie 11:58 20 Aug 2003

Thanks again, alcudia. I'll try what you suggest and let you know how I get on!

  alcudia 12:11 20 Aug 2003

Sorry folks, but while the symptoms that Cherie has may look similar to the Blaster they are not the same. She makes no mention of the countdown message before the pc restarts, and as I said previously this is a deliberate attempt to turn off the computer, not the machine restarting by itself. It will not hurt however to get the fix and run it. Another option is click here which works just as well. Before you run any fix make sure you turn off System Restore or, if you do have the virus, it will come back.
Right click My Computer, choose Properties and then the S/R tab. Check the box to turn it off. After running a fix you can re-enable S/R

  plankton 12:34 20 Aug 2003

Does the card for driving the cordless mouse and keyboard work like a network card? If it does, then the BIOS setting for APM (Auto Power Management) or Start-up on LAN, or similar, will need to be disabled, otherwise this'll go for ages. (sorry if it's not that)

  cherie 12:39 20 Aug 2003

The keyboard & mouse don't have a card. It's an external radio (I think) device that operates them. Thanks anyway!

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