Computer keeps cutting out

  numskull 15:33 12 Nov 2007

Twice today my computer has just restarted on it's own but also my Sky Router shows no power, wireless or broadband lights. If I unplug and replug in the router all seems fine again.
Any ideas?

  birdface 15:47 12 Nov 2007

Try checking the air vents at the back of the computer for dust and fluff,If needing cleaned out you will probably need to do the same inside the computer.Can't help with the router problem as I have never had one,

  numskull 15:48 12 Nov 2007

The router problem is happening when the strange reboot occurs.

  xania 15:51 12 Nov 2007

If you keep you router connected permanently, its not a bad idea to switch it off for about 2 minutes every so often to refresh the connection. You should then allow the connection at least one minute to stabilise before trying to connect.

Problem with PC almost certainly heat related - clean out as buteman suggests but also check all fans for muck and to ensure they are spinning cleanly.

  xania 15:52 12 Nov 2007

Is your connection wired or wireless?

  numskull 16:47 12 Nov 2007

I don't use wireless as I only have the one computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 12 Nov 2007

Overheat -check fans, clean heatsinks
Voltage problem with PSU, age?
Virus or spyware - scan

  snoopygirl 22:14 12 Nov 2007

it is probley your power supply in your computer i had this problem i had a power supply put in that was a year ago dont have that problem now

  numskull 09:05 13 Nov 2007

I've given it a good hoover so will see how it goes. Virus and spyware scans ok.

  crazynurse 10:48 13 Nov 2007

Had a similar problem with my PC, Gave it a darn good cleaning (fans, vents, heatsinks....) and all has been well. Blasted the dust away (acts like a duvet) with a can of of air from the local PC store (36p for 150 mls of air!!) and all works so well now!

A small vacume would help if you cant (or dare not) open the cover!

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