Computer keeps crashing - same message

  Amer 12:29 22 Aug 2010

Hi Everyone

Hoping somebody can help. Kids have a HP desktop running on Windows XP. On start up, keeps trying to run windows installer, and shuts down automatically, also get error message saying "error 1704', and then states what programme is causing problem, and says the feature you are trying to run is on a cd rom or other removable disk. All my installed software is genuine. Sometimes says error updating database file. All very confusing, can anybody help???


Amer Khalil

  birdface 12:36 22 Aug 2010

See if it will run in safe mode.
If so try last good configuration or system restore.

Keep tapping F8 as the computer starts for safe mode.

  birdface 12:38 22 Aug 2010

Sorry try System restore in normal mode if it stays on long enough.

  Graphicool1 12:44 22 Aug 2010

Check your CD/DVD trays, just in case someone has left a disk in one or both of them?!

If they are clear do this, run CHKDSK...

Click on 'My Computer'
Right click C: (your OS drive)
In menu click 'Properties'
Click the 'Tools' tab
Under 'Error Checking' click 'Check Now'
click the box next to...
'Automatically Fix File System Errors'
Click 'Start'
A notice will say it can't do it until the next time you boot. Click 'Yes' and reboot

You can do this either before or after buteman's suggestion. Depending on which works for you, you might not have to do the other.

  Graphicool1 12:47 22 Aug 2010

If no disks are present you will of course have to use buteman's suggestion in order to run CHKDSK. Good Luck.

  Amer 12:54 22 Aug 2010

Okay will try these and get back to you in the afternoon. Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried the system restore option already, didn't help.


  Amer 18:50 22 Aug 2010

Hi Graphicool1,

I tried to do the error checking, and as you said, it said a reboot was necessary to access specific windows file, upon restart, should something have occurred, i.e a programme should run to error check?
On restart, I have same problem as before, the windows installer is trying to do something, it is also trying to install printers, very random....Any thoughts appreciated

  Graphicool1 08:36 23 Aug 2010

Yes on reboot, before Windows kicks in the CHKDSK programme should run. On a blue screen with white writing. When it finishes it should tell you the results. I've never known it not to run?

Please answer the following...

(1) - There are no disks in the players?

(2) - When it say's 'Error 1704' what programme does it say is at fault?

(3) - Have the 'Kid's' recently tried to install something from a disk, or download that didn't install corectly?

(4) - Who deals with the Windows updates on this PC you or the kid's. It may have been an interupted update.

Then do this...

Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Event Viewer

Then in turn Click on...
First 'Application', on the right check the list for Exclamation Marks, black on yellow.
If there any Double click on them and make a note of what it says in the main panel. Then at the top make a note of...
Event ID:

All info helps

  Terry Brown 08:42 23 Aug 2010

To find out what the error codes mean download this link (no need to install)

click here(VS.85).aspx


  Terry Brown 08:50 23 Aug 2010

This seems to point to a server/ router error RPC Protocol.
Try disconnecting you modem, and then starting up.

  Graphicool1 08:56 23 Aug 2010

While in the Event Viewer also check...

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