computer just reboots

  TOGGY 10:29 19 Feb 2003

New pc in November 2002, now it starts to boot up, gets to the welcome page startup tune sounds then it shuts down and reboots all by itself about 6-8 times before it settles down, supplier says its software so hard luck sort it yourself not or problem !!! It is a AMD 1700+ Were do I start looking for a cure. Many thanks for reading do help!! Toggy

  bullys 10:40 19 Feb 2003

Have you added or attached any new hardware to your pc. Via USB or somthing?

Try rebooting the PC with nothing on/attached then 1 by 1 attched your mouse, keyboard, printer and what not and see if that helps .

Ok next one .....

I had a problem simular and it was too much heat in the PC after placing a NEW G card in there caused the PC to reboot during games. Try removing the lid/s and then reboot. Your PC could not be cooling down properly. hope 1 of these helps let me know.


  blighty 11:39 19 Feb 2003

If there really is a problem with the system you have been supplied with, surely it is up to the supplier to sort it out. The system is only 3 months old, after all. I would certainly kick up a fuss.

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