Computer Just Died

  GuZ><0r 21:47 23 Jan 2006

My borthers computer has frozen when he was using it, and so was turned off. Now when it is turned on there is no post, but the hard drive still spins and lights turn on etc. etc. He has tried to rest BIOS jumpers and mobo battery. But still no post. As the hard drive spins and things turn on, this says to me that it is not the PSU, or the mobo. I am thinking that it is the CPU. Or is there anything else that we can try.

Thanks to anybody that can help.

  PC Bilbo 22:06 23 Jan 2006

The CPU fan and hard drive can still spin if the 5 volt rail on your power supply fails.It sounds like failed PSU.

If you don't know how to check with a multimeter
you could try changing from another computer of similar or greater wattage and at least equal rating for combined 5v + 3V.

  ed-0 22:17 23 Jan 2006

If you do not have a spare psu to hand. You could take as much out of the computer as possible and see if it will post.

Disconnect the hard drive, cdrom drives, floppy drive. Leave just one stick of ram in, if you have more than one. Take out any PCI cards but leave in the AGP if you have one. Disconnect any usb devices attached to the computer.

If it does not post, you are down to a few items that may be a problem. Top of the list would be the psu.

  keith-236785 22:39 23 Jan 2006

do you get any beeps on start up that could help diagnose the problem?

it could be the motherboard that has developed a fault, i have had a similar problem with a clients pc after three weeks of use, i had to return the board for replacement, all is now well. dont rule out the board just because the drives spin, they are powered directly from the PSU and onlc connect to the mobo to pass data, the light on the pc may just be the power light, if the hard drive light is flashing in the normal manner then i would suspect the graphic card or monitor.

lots of checking to do before having to buy/replace things.

good luck

  GuZ><0r 22:42 23 Jan 2006

Thanks for the replies. I will do all these things when I can access the comp. ands get back to you.

  DieSse 23:43 23 Jan 2006

Faulty or bad connections on the RAM can also cause these symptoms.

Try taking out the RAM and pluging back in.

Try a different RAM module

If you have two RAM modules, try with each one in turn.

Also try taking out the CPU and refitting it.

  Indigo 1 07:32 24 Jan 2006

Also check the power connection(s) to the mobo.

  GuZ><0r 21:23 24 Jan 2006

Apparently there is now post, but I have not seen. Except that the USB keyboard isn't powering up. So I will check all the BIOS and get back to you.


  GuZ><0r 22:09 24 Jan 2006

I have just had access to the PC, and there are several problems that I hope you can help me solve. Firstly the computer now boots up and will get into Windows. To do this I had to plug in a Serial keyboard and mouse and they worked fine. I changed the BIOS settings to make it use a USB keyboard. But the BIOS did not find the keyboard upon boot up. The USB keyboard is powered by the USB. I changed the BIOS again toallow it to ignore the not having a keyboard hoping XP would find it, but no. The keyboard, I am sure does work, as I have plugged it into my computer and it lit up, and also when it was plugged into the broken computer, at the start screen of XP, it again lit up, but did not stay lit up.

Can anybody help as we really need this computer.


  DieSse 22:19 24 Jan 2006

Make sure the keyboard is plugged into a main USB port on the motherboard (up near the regular ports) - not one in the lower half of the case, or on the front of the case.

Otherwise, to use the computer for now, you'll have to use a regular K/b and mouse, not a USB one.

  GuZ><0r 22:49 24 Jan 2006

Does this mean, that if the USB keyboard does not work, then a new mother board is needed?

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