Computer just beeped. WHY?

  Andsome 08:50 18 Feb 2003

Just browsing this site, when suddenly the computer beeped four times. Everything seems OK, so why on earth should it have done this?

  Lú-tzé 08:55 18 Feb 2003

Was it an overheating warning? Check for temp in the bios and check what the warning is set at.

  Andsome 09:00 18 Feb 2003

No. I have PC Doctor, and it is showing CPU-28, HDD-32, SYS-23. As I say everything seems absolutely fine. It just beeped four times and has not done it since. Running XP Home.

  Lú-tzé 09:21 18 Feb 2003

No other ideas then except somewhere in the back of my mind there is a thought that I read of this before somewhere or other.

  Djohn 09:40 18 Feb 2003

Found this on the beep code web site, doesn't say if this is at startup or while running!


  jazzypop 10:25 18 Feb 2003

Which motherboard?

  Andsome 10:49 18 Feb 2003

Intel Pentium4 2.4GHz. Motherboard ABIT BD7-11. Memory still showing as 512DDR. No apparent problems, everything running OK. I am just puzzled. Must go out now, I will look again tonight. Thanks all.

  jazzypop 11:54 18 Feb 2003

Just to get rid of the obvious, is your keyboard clear / clean? Something resting on a key can produce beep sequences.

The other things to check are that your fans are working ok - if your BIOS is set to monitor the fan speed, this could be the cause of the beeps.

Also try removing and re-seating your graphics card.

The other options relate to failure to enter / recover from power-saving mode, but as you were surfing at the time (even though this site does get really slow at times), it is unlikely that this was the cause :)

  « Ravin » 13:03 18 Feb 2003

i think jazzypop may have something with the keyboard bit!

my suggestion is some adverts have sound nowadays could it be that? ;o)

  Djohn 13:43 18 Feb 2003

Andsome, jazzypop and « Ravin », could well be correct with that. If I remember correctly this is a new system, that you have only had for a few weeks now.

There is a combination of keys, that when touched at the same time will omit a beeping sound, can't remember offhand which ones though.

  Andsome 08:27 19 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone for taking the trouble to reply. I have had NO BOTHER whatsoever with the computer, and everything is running fine. The machine has not been moved an inch since installation, so I very much doubt that anything is loose. Touching two keys at once on the keyboard does make sense, as I try to rush things, and can get clumsy. As a matter of interest the keyboard is part of a TRUST keyboard and mouse wireless set. I will close this posting now, I was just curious.

Incidently the computer so far has proved me to be 100% right in going to my local shop. I could not be more pleased.

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