Computer instability/lots of crashes

  UK_Neo 13:26 02 Jan 2003
  UK_Neo 13:26 02 Jan 2003

I have a self-built PC which is approx. 3 yrs old. I have been gradually upgrading it and I am looking at upgrading the motherboard and processor. However, the system itself is becoming increasingly more unstable. I am running Win98se on a K6-2-450MHz processor. It is a Gigabyte 5AX motherboard with 512MB of SDRAM. The last upgrade was a 64MB Hercules 4500 Kyro2 graphics card (previously 32MB Creative TNT2 Ultra). I have a 250W power supply in the base unit. Could it be problems with the power supply (not enough juice) or Win98 (would XP fix it) or is it because the processor is slow. Is there any software which can 'interogate' my PC and tell me if it is a hardware or software problem? I would like to sort this before upgrading 'cos I only have a limited budget for upgrading.

  marmaduke smallbore 13:50 02 Jan 2003

Back up your important files right now!!!!!

Now why not try and reformat the hardrive and see if your system works OK. Then you'l know if any of the hardware is faulty or not?

I would certainly change the PSU, but I don't think that would suddenly become a problem...unless you have added some hardware that is overloading the system.

Take out some of the 512 Ramm...I have heard of cased where too much ramm in the wrong setup can cause more harm than good

If you need to upgrade I heartily reccomend a Chat/Visit to click here

good luck

  Nickg 14:04 02 Jan 2003

Try Aida32 click here looks as good a free diagnostic as you're likely to find. It does sound however if your system is due for a reformat click here for advice if you need it. It's a pdf file so you'll need acrobat reader for it.

  UK_Neo 15:45 02 Jan 2003

Thanks Marmaduke & Nickg.

I will be trying your links later. I think the power supply is on the limit as I used to power the monitor from the base unit, but as soon as I installed the new graphics card, I had to power the monitor seperately.

I reformatted the hard drive about 8 months ago, 'cos it was playing up on me. It improved it, but it never completely solved it.

It seems to crash a lot using either when using Word, or when trying to print whilst on the web. I think it just can't be bothered to multitask!

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