Computer iffyness

  Josquius 18:50 25 Feb 2003

At first I thought it was crashing randomly for no reason however I had kazza open when it happened and it all looks to be running fine.
What happens is my mouse and keyboard just stop responding totally, I've tried messing with the wire though got nothing working. I don't like having to reset my computer all the time, can't be good for its health.

  Josquius 19:17 25 Feb 2003

Anything which can cause mouse and keyboard to stop working for no reason?

  Josquius 18:58 26 Feb 2003

It is getting very annoying, they went off straight away a few times today.
I doubt its the mouse and keyboard as both breaking at once... The chances are tiny.
Could it be a virus?
Motherboard falling apart?

  _Treb_ 19:33 26 Feb 2003

Can you borrow a mouse and or aa keyboard from someone. If so change them one at a time this should elominate them or prove if one or other is faulty.

  Josquius 10:50 07 Mar 2003

Tried switching my mouse with that of my old computer but that only made things worse what with the gunk interfering with when it does work.

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