Computer has multiple issues

  Vyhkkhhvvg 01:45 26 Aug 2018

I'm currently using a Alienware aurora R4 and ever since I've had it, I've had a ton of issues.

Firstly the most common issue is 6 beeps almost all the time I start up my computer, apparently 6 beeps means a video card error. Because of this I just figured the drivers needed to be updated... nope it still happens.

7/10 of the time, after my computer stops beeping, It displays a message saying "The previous overclock failed Press F1 to return to default setup or F2 to continue with current setup (I've tried both but I still get 6 beeps) the only time I ever remember overclocking was when I used MSI afterburner to overclock my GPU a bit, but even before that I had similar issues with the computer beeping 6 times.

Another issue come up as of recently that really pisses me off, any time I am playing something my pc freezes and Then says "Sorry, something went wrong Stop code: PageFaultInNonPagedArea What failed: wdiwifi.sys" This ket happening especially while I was playing batman Arkham Knight.

Those are the two main issues I'm facing atm, I need help...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 26 Aug 2018
  1. remove and refit the graphics card to remake the connections.

  2. boot to BIOS and reset to default settings save and exit.

  3. run from a command prompt sfc /scannow and let winows scanfor and replace missing or corrupt windows files reboot on completion

see if that solve s the problems.

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