computer hanging

  smudger201 04:09 02 Jan 2004

Please help.Everything was fine untill I loaded a program from a magazine disk ( ANTIVIRENKIT )the program didnt load proprely and it was in german I think. The program just hung there for a bout 10 mins, and wouldnt go to my desktop.I switched everything off and on again, it posts ok and gets to the blue screen where you click on your name, then that takes you to the desktop,but not mine it hangs on the blue screen for ages and then finaly goes to the desktop background with no desktop icons.At the moment I can use safe mode,ive tried restore but screen says no restore points avalable.Ive tried uninstalling the said program but cantunderstand german, please help.

  MichelleC 15:03 02 Jan 2004

Can you not uninstall it in safemode via add/remove? If not (in safemode) type in search the prog name and delete all files.

  bretsky 17:09 02 Jan 2004

Sorry it's a bit long winded, but I got this from an article in pca.

Thoroughly uninstall a program.

If you're a regular Helpline reader you may have noticed how often, when a reader has trouble with an application and tries to resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling the program,
this fails to solve the problem. It isn't so surprising when you take a closer look at how most uninstallers work.

Most uninstallers remove only the files and Registry settings that were created when the Setup program was run. This may be a deliberate policy to avoid the risk of deleting files or settings a user might want to keep.

Whatever the reason, it makes uninstalling and then reinstalling a fairly ineffectual way of solving application problems, since these are often caused by files or configuration settings made after the application was installed.

To remove an application as completely as
possible, you'll usually need to do some extra work after running the uninstaller. First, look in the Program Files folder to see if the
folder in which you installed the application still exists, if it does, you'll probably find a couple of files in it. Unless you see something you recognise and want to keep, delete the application folder.

Next, start the Registry Editor and expand
Hkey_Current_User, Software. Look for a folder named after the application you uninstalled, It might be inside a folder named after the application developer. When you find this Registry folder, select it and delete it.

Repeat this for Hkey_Current_Machine. Not all applications store information in this part of the Registry, but a few do.

Once you have finished this, most traces of the application will have been removed. If you want, you can now try to reinstall It.

Note that shared files which have been modified
by another application won't be removed by the uninstaller, nor will they be replaced by the installer if the modified versions appear newer than the ones on the application setup disc.

If this is the cause of your problem you'll have to find a way to manually copy the correct versions to your hard disk.

Good luck bretsky;0)
ps if you are going to edit the registry please BACK IT UP FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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