Computer for gaming and touch screen drawing

  awest3 17:08 07 Feb 2018

Hi, My granddaughter wants a computer for gaming and touch screen drawing. My budget is around £1000. She does a lot of drawing and at the moment uses an 5 year old laptop with an attached stylus and Pad. she would like to do her drawings directly onto a screen. I'm looking for a solution... Surface pro? laptop with touch screen? laptop with additional touch screen monitor? etc.. I think she would like to use it any place she is so that sort of rules out the monitor solution. I suppose by definition a gaming machine has to be fairly fast so probably something like an i5 processor. Any advice would be most welcome.

  wee eddie 22:03 07 Feb 2018

You make no mention of games or the internet. Just drawing.

A second user iPad, as big a screen as you can run to, would give her an entree into what Media Folk use and they usually have suitable software installed already

  awest3 16:30 08 Feb 2018

Hi Thanks for this, I think they've settled on either an HP Envoy (£999) or a Dell inspiron at £749, both 15.6". The envoy has an Nvidia card but apart from that they seem pretty similar. Thanks again

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