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  sean-278262 16:39 18 Oct 2004

Having ammased a collection of over 300 PC games i have been wondering if it is possible to get the in game music recorded to my PC. I would just like to encode it in MP3 at 128 kbps,is there any programme that can do this out there. that or a method of doing this, cheaply and at a reasonable quality of recording.

I would also be interested in any software that could be used to extract the music from my PS2 game collection. Any thoughts are appreciated and the cheaper I can do it the better.

The PC games I am interested in converting are all the Command and conquer games for PC and tony hawks 1 to 3 on PS2 and 1, and the ever populat gran turismo series.

  sean-278262 18:31 18 Oct 2004

anybody got any ideas??

  Master Chief 21:58 18 Oct 2004

First off, I'm not entirely sure of the legality of recording music directly off a game. It would be a lot easier to just buy the soundtrack. Secondly, sorry if I sound a little condescending. It stops confusion. Now.. You could use Nero Wave Editor. It is possible to record sounds directly from the system (if that makes sense?) If you go into "Volume Control" and then into "Properties" and then select adjust volume for recording and make sure that "Stereo Mixer" is ticked, then press "OK". You should then tick the select box under the "Stereo Mixer" section. Now open Nero Wave Editor and click the "Record" button or Ctrl+R, select the options you want and then press "OK". Now just play the game as normal and the sound will be recorded. The only problem with this is that any other sound effects that occur will be recorded. If the game has an option to test the sound you may be able to play the background music on it's own. Once you're done recording what you want, stop it. Edit out all the quiet spaces and parts you don't want and split up the files and save them.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:59 18 Oct 2004

click here Try this mate....T

  THE TERMINATOR 00:11 19 Oct 2004

You can edit the sound files, with one of these click here= ....T

  THE TERMINATOR 01:09 24 Oct 2004

How did you resolve your prob for reference....T

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