Computer fuse keeps blowing

  SimpleStevie 12:07 25 May 2003

I have a fairly old computer, 5 yrs+, 450mhz processor etc etc. Over the past few days the fuse in the plug seems to blow every 24hrs. I'm no computer expert but that isn't right and I know something is up, any idea what could be causing it? Or is it that the computer is just too old and has finally decided to pack it in?

  -pops- 12:49 25 May 2003

I would guess that there is something drastically wrong with your power supply unit.

I suggest you DO NOT continue to use it in this state.

Get it looked at without delay.

You might consider getting something a bit mode up-to-date;-))


  -pops- 12:50 25 May 2003

mode = more

  justme 13:55 25 May 2003

I agree with -pops- above, when a fuse keeps blowing there is obviously something seriously wrong.

Having said that, have you tried changing the power supply cable to the computer? Flexible cables are particularly prone to damage from repeated flexing of the cable which damages the insulation between the wires inside the cable. The power cable is usually a standard cable as used for all sorts of computer equipment such as printers etc.

If doing this solves the problem then throw the old one away as it is dangerous to continue to use it. On the other hand, if the problem persists then, as -pops- suggested, it is probably your power supply unit in the computer
which is causing the problem.

Until you are sure that the problem has been cured do not leave your computer plugged in unattended as it could possibly cause a fire.

  Dr. Charles 14:03 25 May 2003

I agree, try and check out your supply unit, or get someone to do it for you. The fuse blowing is a safety device. It might be as well NOT to have the lead connected to the mains plug, if nobody is present. It could be a fire risk if there are further unseen problems. Please always "Play Safe". Getting this sorted might mean a quick check over you entire computer and it could quite well be a "Servicable item" and a few bob well spent. 5 years isn`t old for a computer really, get it fixed and safe and enjoy yourself.



  Gongoozler 18:42 25 May 2003

If the computer is working normally other than the fuse blowing, then the fault is unlikely to be in the motherboard, drives etc, but is much more likely to be in the power supply as suggested by the other contributors. You don't say what the fuse rating is and if it blows at switch-on. I would expect the fuse to be 5Amps, which would be able to deliver over 1KW, ample for a computer and monitor. If you have an ATX system. the good news is that a new supply is readily available, fairly easy to fit and not too expensive.

  howard60 20:11 25 May 2003

the fuse in the power supply unit is usually much lower than that in the plug top and should go first. If it is an openable plug check that you have not got a loose wire or two in there. The simplest thing is to fit another lead and not to leave it on unattended. Ex college senior lecturer in electrical engineering.

  wee eddie 21:47 26 May 2003

Get out the screwdrivers.

Start at the plug. It is possible that if it is a moulded plug that in the 5 years you have had it it's insulation may have crisped and broken down.

You have little to loose in checking all the connections and while you have the cover off, dust it (from a distance) with an air hose.

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