Computer freezing with with vertical lines , retangulish (colors are always different )

  Sanotsuke 11:46 08 Sep 2014

I had this problem while playing archage (since it happens a lot more often on this game ) from the time span of 1 minute to 3 hour since im connected.

First off i like to mention that i had problems before this. With screen blackout(card reseting ) and returning and occasionally freezes while play marvels heroes 2015.

My spec was: Monitor AOC 29inch Cpu: i5-3470 Mobo: Asus p8z77 v lk Ram: 16gb ram (cant rem the brand but it different the oldest 800mhz version ) HDD: WDC 1TB gfx: It was Palit gtx 670 (with blackout issue ) Then i switch to Asus r9 280x direct 2 oc ed (fixed the black out but freeze still around so i prb assume it not a gfx issue for the freeze part ) PSU: i cant rem the brand (as im not home) but it either antec or cm 750w modular

It occure more often during gaming in archage (cry3 engine mmorpg which is heavy ) The only other games i had is PVZwarfare, and marvels. Only froze once or twice on either game. When it froze it either a playback of sound , or buzzing sound the screen will display yellow pink or white individually each time with vertical lines or squarish look.

What i had done or tried: I replace the gtx with the radeon one, fix on a new v8 cm cooler fan on the cpu. I reformatted the HDD reinstall window Did a defrag, chkdisk , memtest, check for over heating issue pike with HW/cupid. Even run burnit for a bit and nothing happened. Everything is green light.

Im at loose end to what could be the problem here. I assumed it was HDD Motory issue since that prb undetectable by software? but there wasnt any sound issues from the hdd so i assumed it not.

Lack power. i only had 1 r9 280x , im sure my 750w is more then capable of handleling it.

Cpu/mobo : well im worried it this ... since it expensive.

Ram: well their old.. everything was bought 1 year + ago (except the new cards )

Can someone help me =/ im at loose end lol

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