Computer is freezing a lot

  Ahiru 12:43 03 Sep 2006

Firstly, these are my specs:
AMD Athlon 64bit 3200 2.01 ghz
1 g ram
Nvidia Geforce 6600 gt
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM)
300 g hard drive

I installed GTA 3 on my computer and then I suddenly started having problems. A few mins into playing the game my screen would go black and nothing would happen. I thought that was a one off thing but it happened over and over again. I tried playing other games that I normally play a lot and it happened again. I did a full virus, ad aware, and spybot scan and it still happened. I tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers and direct x drivers and it is still happening, only now it's started to happen while I'm surfing the net. I checked the graphics card tempurature and it's at 39 dec c. I honestly don't know what's wrong and it's getting really annoying. I'm really lucky I managed to finish this post.

  aca 12:47 03 Sep 2006

Might be fault on graphics card. Could be also be problem with PSU. Are you able to swap in/out to test your graphics card is not source of problem.

  Angiemaroni 12:52 03 Sep 2006

I think you have answered your own question.As the problem arose after installing GTA3,have you tried uninstalling it and tried your system?
P.S.if the time of your post is correct then your system clock would appear to be fast,unless it's the PC Advisor clock time showing!!

  Ahiru 12:54 03 Sep 2006

My computer just freezed again just now and I noticed the temperature wasn't going up before hand (I'd been monitering it). I live on my own and I don't have a lot of money. Most of my friends don't have a computer anywhere near as good as mine. I bought the parts in January and I thought it was strange that all this started happening when I installed gta3. I'll try to find another card and see if that's the problem but I want to see if theres anything I can do first.

  Ahiru 13:04 03 Sep 2006

I uninstalled gta3 as soon as the problem came up. The time may be wrong because I live in New Zealand, I'm approx 12 hours ahead of you guys.

  Angiemaroni 13:10 03 Sep 2006

Sorry for the time comment,i hadn't thought about your location.Anyway how about doing a system restore to before GTA3,it should show up in restore as "installed GTA3"use the point before this unless you already thought of it!

  Ahiru 13:13 03 Sep 2006

How do I do a system restore? I've never actually done that before.

  Halmer 13:14 03 Sep 2006

with Championship Manager on my lad's PC. Tried all sorts of thing including a big patch.

Ths solution was to lower the screen refresh rate to 60 hertz from 85.

Put it back uo to 75 yesterday without telling him and it started the black screen again.

  Angiemaroni 13:17 03 Sep 2006

go to Start> all programs>Accessories>system tools> System restore,then follow the instructions

  SANTOS7 13:18 03 Sep 2006

click here
the link will help for future reference..

  terryf 13:30 03 Sep 2006

If in doubt, click on an empty part of the desktop, press F1 and type your query into the search box eg type system restore, it is easy when you know how but the F1 key seems to be one of the best kept secrets, press it anytime, anywhere and help appears

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