computer freezes, then restarts

  westdudes 17:48 26 Jun 2004


my computer everynow and again stops working..then restarts. and when computer loads back up it sends a report to microsoft and then internet explorer goes to a website telling me that its a device driver thats crashed.

personally i believe its my graphics card which is a sapphire ati9800 128mb. clues are some 'flutuations' when java is loaded and also when dealing with the colour 'images' in windows media player when im playing music. there are other occasions like when the computers been on for a long time dealing lots of images such as in games.
another possibility is the ram.i use twin moss 512mb 400mhz dual ramm (2 x 256mb sticks)

also i have to cpu (intel p4 hyper threading tech 2.8 ghz) over clocked at 3.36mhz (20percent) but it does the same when i clock it to normal speed so i dont know.

i run windows xp and the motherboard is an asus p4c 800-e deluxe

anymore specs needed just ask

any suggestions?

  westdudes 17:56 26 Jun 2004

ps no virus is found on the computer...both my own anti virus software and the ones on the net dont find any ...any help id be greatful :)

  stalion 18:07 26 Jun 2004

try running a disc check to see if you have any file problems

  westdudes 18:10 26 Jun 2004

no disk problems to report....just defragmentated aswell. does anybody think it could be a driver need upgrading? maybe the graphics one...but in honesty i dont know how to check its the latest one.


  fourjays 18:23 26 Jun 2004

I ahd the exact same problem not long after I built my P4 2.8Ghz HT machine. I had an ATI Radeon 9800 128Mb (made by Hercules I think). When playing games, and particularly FS2002, it would just restart spontaneously, and said it was drivers. I updated all of the drivers, but it continued to do it. I eventually returned it under guarantee, and got an Nvidia FX5900. It hasn't done it since. PS: Good Job with the overclocking. ;-) I dont dare do it to mine, for fear of frying it, even though I have a case full of fans.

  westdudes 18:29 26 Jun 2004

lol thanks fourjays...although not reasuring it opened my eyes abit.

i feel i cannot send it back as i was careless with the blooming receipt :(

could anyone tell me the best way to check i have to latest drivers? as also my hazard perception cd-rom will not work and the tech guys i asked who work for the cd-rom's company said i needed to update my grahics drivers. (i have my theory test soon so i need to practice lol)


  fourjays 19:59 26 Jun 2004

Im not really sure about the exact steps, but I will give it a blast. The best way to check your graphics driver version, will be to go to Control Panel , System , click the 'Hardware' Tab , then Device Manager , select 'Display Adapters' and then your graphics card , right-click and select 'Properties' , click the driver tab , and your version should be listed there. You should then either go to the card manufacturers site, or ATI's website. On one of them, there should be a link to getting new drivers. GOOD LUCK with finding the drivers, and your test ;-). Let me know if you have anymore probs.

  carver 21:11 26 Jun 2004

Best place for drivers if you need them click here

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