Computer freezes up at random times

  ElHassan 21:42 16 Dec 2014

Okay, so me and a friend built me computer back in 2011/2012 and its been working more or less fine since then. I use the computer mostly to play f2p games (most of the games could probably be played on a computer from the 90s) listen to music and all that. Lately been computer has been freezing up at random times. I can be playing a game, browsing reddit, just listing to music on spotify and the computer will freeze (All sound stops, cant do anything but computer is still on). I usually just hold the on/off button in to force it off and let it rest for 1-2 hours before I start it up again and use it until it freezes again. (Can last a 1 hour to a whole night) Today it froze again and after turning it on again after letting it rest for a bit I went in an "underclocked" it (If thats a thing) to check if that might have been the problem. I adjusted the setting so that it was locked at half the CPU power and it stayed on all day while I used to from time to time. So, does this mean that me the CPU thingy is broken and needs a replacement or is there something else it might be? I dont have all my specs at hand but can probably post them if its needed. Side note: A few month ago my computer would randomly shut down from overheating and I "fixed" it by adjusting the CPU power thingy to half power, but I later turned it back to full power which lasted until now with the freezes.

  Phoenix40 22:22 16 Dec 2014

Hello unless someone better than i can help you all i can say is im suffering from the same problem and it can be many things. I just turn off the computer and restart it. When im playing large games i just have to keep saving it every so often. Usually like you said it could be the graphic card overheating but that usually blacks the screen on a regular basis and i use a small desktop fan next to the ventilator to cool it down, it does work quite well. Otherwise use a maleware software or spyware and scan your computer in case theres anything affecting it. Also check your graphic card drivers especially if you are playing those sort of games. Otherwise its coming to the end. Also use Auslogic defrag your files, Piriform CCleaner. All those things might help. Thats all i can do to help unless someone else has anymore ideas.

  spuds 23:58 16 Dec 2014

Messing about with the working of a computer is a no-no, if you are not sure what you are doing, because it will only cause more problems in the long term. And that includes shutting the computer down, by pressing down and holding the on/off button in place.

What operating system are you using. Do you have and use on a regular basis, any type of maintenance or anti-malware programs?.

  Phoenix40 01:58 17 Dec 2014

Hello i agree with your point about turning off the computer when it freezes, but usually theres no other option and im not the only one that does that. The computer usually corrects itself when it starts up again. If you have a better idea i would be keen to hear it as well thank you.

  ElHassan 15:28 17 Dec 2014

Thank you guys for the help. I tried what Phoenix said with defragging etc and it seemed to work for a couple of hours (CPU power setting to 3/4 of full power) and then I put it at full power and it froze again. Seems like it works nicely at 3/4 cpu power which is more than enough for the games I play.

And @Spuds im using windows 7 ultimate or what ever the best package is called. (Pirated btw)

  Phoenix40 16:15 17 Dec 2014

Hello glad it seems to have improved a bit. Ive just done a Auslogic defragging, also a malware check and using CCleaner that helps with cleaning out the registry section. So far it hasnt crashed yet. I think it helps as well not to have too many games on the computer because they can affect the graphic card and the registration files. When computers get on a bit you cant expect them to run perfectly. I use wins Vista on my desktop. I know people say you shouldnt close the computer down by pressing the on off button. But the main method of pressing ctrl - alt then del doesnt always work. My computer froze last night i turned it off with the button then after a while it started up again. The other problem i have is the restart button doesnt work. If i use it it will close down but wont start up again, so i have to do it manually. I like to know what other people think of this and what can be done?

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