computer freezes and makes beep noise, why ?

  richard4796 16:29 07 Feb 2007

Hi all
wonder if you could help.
I have a pc which is running windows xp
i have not had problems with it really, since this week..

it has started to freeze for a few secs and if i press anything it bleeps from inside the machine

my c drive is telling me i have 60 % free.. was worried it was overfull

i am running norton security 2007 and have done checks on the system and it seems fine.
any ideas ?
its getting on my nerves.. it loads up programs fine and no real slow down until it freezes

  Totally-braindead 16:42 07 Feb 2007

Find out what BIOS you have and check against the beep codes click here this should tell you what is wrong.

  richard4796 16:56 07 Feb 2007

thanks for your reply.
how to i find out bios i have ?
does that mean what the beep sounds like ??

its a 1 beep which is short.

  richard4796 16:57 07 Feb 2007

oh also it does htis not when the computer is starting up but when full running...

also do you think it could have something to do with my mouse ? hence why it stopes moving ?

  richard4796 16:59 07 Feb 2007

Or does it mean this is the problem ?

1 short DRAM refresh failure

if so then huh ? LOL what does that mean

  Totally-braindead 17:01 07 Feb 2007

Beep codes are when the internal speaker gives a beep when you switch on. It happens before windows loads.
Are you saying the beeps are appearing after this ie after windows loads?

  skidzy 17:05 07 Feb 2007

Possibly failing Ram try memtest86 click here

  skidzy 17:06 07 Feb 2007

Just a thought,can you check if it is freezing in safe mode,tapping F8 on startup will get you into safe mode.
If not,it is possible one of your startup apps are conflicting somewhere.

  richard4796 17:18 07 Feb 2007

i can confirm it is happening after the windows load up.. when everything is running..
I have not tried safe mode.. i shall give it a go

i must admit it is very random.. while i write this it has not done it....

ill try safe mode..

  richard4796 17:18 07 Feb 2007

what is this Memtest86

its like a memory check is it ?
do i download the 3.2 version i gather ?

  richard4796 18:29 07 Feb 2007

it does not seem to do it in safe mode. what does this mean ?

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