Computer freezes just after login

  Broooz 15:20 12 Jan 2010

My PC runs Vista SP2. It boots up fine but when you click on a user (either an administrator or limited user) you get to the welcome screen and then nothing happens. Pressing ctrl alt delete twice gives you the task manager and then it is possible to cancel and then everything works ok after that.

I have run a virus check and also for spyware.

Please can you suggest a possible cause or what I need to look for.



  rawprawn 15:32 12 Jan 2010

Try running a system file scan open command prompt using "Run as Administator" then type
sfc /scannow and hit Enter
This will check all system files and replace any that are missing or corrupt.

  Broooz 20:32 12 Jan 2010

Thanks Rawprawn. There was nothing identified there it said
Windows system protection did not find any integrity violations

Please do you have any other suggestions?

  rawprawn 20:58 12 Jan 2010

FIrst thing to do. Reboot the computer and tap f8 to enter safe mode. If you can enter there. Go to start-run -type on msconfig. Then turn off all startup items and apply then close and reboot the computer. If allows you in then something in startup is the problem. A hung program is the possible cause.

  Broooz 10:30 13 Jan 2010

Thanks very much that was a good suggestion. In normal mode with diagnostic mode selected I do not get in (without pressing alt ctrl del) but in safe mode I do get in.

Please can you tell me what programmes load in diagnostic mode (with no services and start up items) compared to safe mode? I should then be able to uninstall these.

I guess one of the differences will be the antivirus scanners or the firewall?

  rawprawn 14:39 13 Jan 2010

I think you will find that the only way is trial and error, that is what I would do.
Just gradually add programs unitil you find the one causing the problem.
Sorry I can't give you a better solution.

  rawprawn 14:42 13 Jan 2010

I wouldn't bother with diagnostic mode, just try and boot normally after each alteration.
To save some time you could let it load 2 or 3 extra each time that way you can narrow it down.

  Broooz 15:21 13 Jan 2010

THanks> I have tried re-installing the virus checker and the firewall but it made no difference.

When in safe mode, nothing seems to load at all. When in diagnostic mode I have selected all services and all start-up programmes not to install and the problem happens. The problem is I do not know what the difference is between these two modes except that the firewall and anti-virus do not appear to load in safe mode but they do load in diagnostic mode. So I am not sure I can add any programmes to get from one to the other?

  rawprawn 15:30 13 Jan 2010

Just boot your computer normally and go into msconfig> Start Tab then untick all but Microsoft Operating System then apply and reboot. That is how to start checking and go from there.

  Broooz 16:11 13 Jan 2010

Sorry I didn't make it clear what I meant. When I am in safe mode the computer starts up correctly. When I am in normal mode with all programmes and services selected NOT to start then I get the problem. So it is the movement away from safe mode that is "causing" the problem.

  rawprawn 16:31 13 Jan 2010

OK, then all I can suggest is a Vista Repair
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