computer freezes during games

  .:?:. 23:38 17 Dec 2006

I have recently re-installed XP. When I re-installed, I used all teh same drivers that I had used before.

and now all my games freeze while playing, and there is no common time after it does it. I have tried changing the graphics setings but to no avail.

Before I had re-installed every ran fine. I have also blown all the dust out of fans etc etc so I don't think its over heating problem. I'm really confused on what it could be.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

  skidzy 23:41 17 Dec 2006

.:?:. system spec please.

Have you follwed up with all the MS updates ? and possible game patches.

  .:?:. 23:45 17 Dec 2006

P4 3.0ghz

1 gb ram

hightech 9550SE

250gb hdd

I have also done all the update and patches.

  skidzy 23:48 17 Dec 2006

Just to check the install was not corrupted at all try the system file checker
Start/run and type sfc /scannow you may need the xp disc.

  .:?:. 23:50 17 Dec 2006

Forgot to add, I re-installed XP once, and the games were freezing, so I re-installed once again thinking I had messed up the drivers. but its still happening.

I shall try that soon skidzy

  Totally-braindead 23:52 17 Dec 2006

The times I have seen this sort of thing its always been caused by one of three things.
The motherboard drivers were not installed from the driver disk.
The graphics card drivers are either not installed properly or corrupted.
The DirectX is either not installed or corrupted.

Quite often its the first one. People forget to install the motherboard drivers and lets windows load its own standard driver which may or may not work properly.

  .:?:. 23:53 17 Dec 2006

I did install the motherboard drivers.

But i havent updated them, so I'll do that now and see if it solves it.

  Totally-braindead 00:17 18 Dec 2006

If you installed the motherboard drivers from the motherboard disk and not from the Windows disk then its not that.
Did skidzys suggestion about running scannow show anything?

  .:?:. 22:08 18 Dec 2006

I did skidzy's suggestion thing today, and came up with nothing. I have also taken the graphics card out and re-seated it, and cleand out all heat sinks etc etc.

anyone else got any ideas?

  .:?:. 22:22 18 Dec 2006


  Totally-braindead 23:58 18 Dec 2006

I am wondering if perhaps the graphics card has developed a fault. I had a 9800 Pro and it worked fine for the desktop, word internet etc but as soon as I played it game it crashed.
It was faulty and was replaced under warranty.

Has your graphics card got an additional power supply and if so have you tried another connector in case it may be faulty?

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