Computer freezes, attempting to identify the cause

  fragment 03:37 14 Jan 2018

For the past year, I've been struggling with computer freezes. Mostly while playing video games. When it freezes, no new inputs have any effect other than turning off the computer. First I tried reviewing the event viewer which only gives the 'Kernel-Power' 41/63 event (Me turning off the computer 'unexpectedly'). I've tried updating drivers, running only one application at a time and it does not appear to be a heat related issue as far as I can tell (Freezing while a fan is pointed straight at it). Finally I looked for advice at the local computer store, resulting in a technician coming over and basically selling me a new graphics card which has changed nothing. Does anybody have suggestions as to where to go from here to identify the actual source of the problem? I used 'OpenHardwareMonitor' to get a report of my computer, which I replaced every so often up until right before a crash which I could post, though I wouldn't want to fill the text box with a huge chunk if I can make it available another way. Thanks for any assistance.

  wee eddie 00:23 16 Jan 2018

Are you sure that there is a clear flow of air through the fins and up through the fan?

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