Computer freezes, attempting to identify the cause

  fragment 03:37 14 Jan 2018

For the past year, I've been struggling with computer freezes. Mostly while playing video games. When it freezes, no new inputs have any effect other than turning off the computer. First I tried reviewing the event viewer which only gives the 'Kernel-Power' 41/63 event (Me turning off the computer 'unexpectedly'). I've tried updating drivers, running only one application at a time and it does not appear to be a heat related issue as far as I can tell (Freezing while a fan is pointed straight at it). Finally I looked for advice at the local computer store, resulting in a technician coming over and basically selling me a new graphics card which has changed nothing. Does anybody have suggestions as to where to go from here to identify the actual source of the problem? I used 'OpenHardwareMonitor' to get a report of my computer, which I replaced every so often up until right before a crash which I could post, though I wouldn't want to fill the text box with a huge chunk if I can make it available another way. Thanks for any assistance.

  wee eddie 03:41 14 Jan 2018

Have you tried clearing the dust from between the fins of the heat exchanger above the CPU

  fragment 03:42 14 Jan 2018

Open Hardware Monitor Report Google Doc click here

  fragment 03:43 14 Jan 2018

I've tried getting dust out with one of the handheld pump kinda things, but it was quite ineffective if I'm honest.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:18 14 Jan 2018

Fragment, if I've interpreted your hardware report correctly then it does look like your CPU is running hot. Overheated hardware can cause a computer to freeze. of the handheld pump kinda things.......

I've no idea what that is, but one easy and effective way to dislodge dust and fluff is to use a can of compressed air. Don't shake the can and keep it upright at all times to prevent the liquid propellent from spraying out.

Check that the CPU fan is spinning properly too.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 14 Jan 2018

I use a Small brush and a hair dryer on cool setting to clean the components and suck the dust from the case with a vacuum cleaner being careful not to touch the components with the nozzle.

The crud on fan blades can be scrape with a cocktail stick or something similar I find a ladies make up brush and stick are ideal for this

  fragment 21:32 14 Jan 2018

Thanks for the input, I've gone and bought a small can of compressed air and will try cleaning more thoroughly than before. I'll update as I can.

  wee eddie 22:13 14 Jan 2018

Have a look at the fan on top of the CPU. If it is held on by screws, or clips, it's simple to remove for removing the dust underneath

  fragment 23:05 15 Jan 2018

So, I used the can of compressed air to clean out the dust as best I could (I did not take out the fan at this point, as I had not yet seen that message) and after several hours of no problem I thought it was fixed, but it froze again. It definitely feels as though what I've done so far (I will clean it further) has improved it but it might just be variance at this point :/

  wee eddie 23:32 15 Jan 2018

You've either removed the dust, or you haven't.

If you have, then overheating is not the cause

  fragment 23:35 15 Jan 2018

I removed all the dust I could get the nozzle pointed at so I guess that rules out the dust as 'the' problem then.

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