Computer Freezes along with Noises from Hardware?

  Big Smithy 22:46 01 Jan 2006


I am regularly experiencing situations where the computer freezes (mouse pointer locks & computer does not respond to any keyboard input) This is normally immediately preceded by an unusual noise coming from the hardware. Can anyone tell me which component is likely to be causing this? I am thinking that is is likely to be the processor or hard disk. (I switch off the machine using the master switch on the computer and then I'm usually able to reboot although, sometimes this takes several attempts before a successfull reboot)

Regards, Ian

Regards, Ian

  GuZ><0r 22:51 01 Jan 2006

Next time it happens, can you locate where the noise is coming from, as this will help in finding the problem.

  GuZ><0r 22:52 01 Jan 2006

And also do the freezes happen while using certain programs or doing certain applications.

  Big Smithy 22:54 01 Jan 2006

I should have said that this problem is happening when surfing the web and / or reading emails.

  VoG II 22:54 01 Jan 2006

And version of Windows might help. Plus system specs.

  GuZ><0r 22:54 01 Jan 2006

Have you run several anti-virus scans.

  007al 22:56 01 Jan 2006

What hard drive do you have?

  Number 7 23:02 01 Jan 2006

Is the computer new?

Are you on dial-up? There is a reason I ask this.

  Big Smithy 23:03 01 Jan 2006

Computer Spec
XP Home SP2
1.5G Pentium 4
512mb memory
1 40gb Hard drive + 1 250gb slave
Anti Virus is regularly run.

It is definately a hardware noise and not one I'm familiar with.

  pauldonovan 23:04 01 Jan 2006

Could it be a fan ? Is it a whirring noise?

  GuZ><0r 23:05 01 Jan 2006

Where precisely is the noise coming from. E.g. hard drive

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