Computer Freezes

  mike55 12:33 31 Dec 2003

My computer keeps freezing (is it the weather?). If I am using it then it gets slower and slower and finally stops, the HDD red light on the processor unit glows continuously and even Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect. I have to reset the machine. It looks as if something is hogging more and more of the memory?? if so how could I find out what or can anyone offer any helpful suggestions, preferably practical ones.
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  Trackrat 12:49 31 Dec 2003

Could you please give some information about your computer, OS and any error messages you get because at the moment their is nothing to work with to supply a solution.

  spuds 13:28 31 Dec 2003

Having similar problems,will re-post. Perhaps the two of us can get to the problem(;o)

  woodchip 13:37 31 Dec 2003

Could be any prob but check fan is turning on CPU, also check for new Graphics drivers

  gold 47 13:38 31 Dec 2003

Have you cleared all tempory files and defragmented your drive??? if this doesn't work you might have to format and reinstall your OS before you do that check for any viruses first.

  mike55 15:32 06 Jan 2004

Thanks for all the advice. I have increased the memory to 512M and all is well at the moment.

  Jester2K 15:36 06 Jan 2004

Have you checked what programs are starting on boot up?

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