Computer Freezers

  smegs 01:01 13 Aug 2003

Could someone please help me? For the last couple of days, my pc has started to freeze apart from the cursor, for about 3secs at a time, every 2 to 3 mins. I'm using Xphome. Has anybody got any idea on how to sort this out?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:07 13 Aug 2003

and see if Service Pack 1 is available for download.

did you add, change or install anything before the problem happened ?.

Please post back with more specification of you machine.

  JIM 01:11 13 Aug 2003

Would do a systems restore to a checkpoint 2 days past.

  smegs 02:08 13 Aug 2003

Thanks 2 both of U. I have done what U have said, I can't get on to the update site for some reason. I have tried to do a restore but it won't, telling me it can't restore to the 6/8/03. P4 1.9, 512ddr. 64md G/Card, 40GbHd.

  JIM 09:17 13 Aug 2003

Win update site was overloaded last night chances are if you connected it would crawl.

When you say.(it can't restore to the 6/8/03)
Have you then tried going further back to restore?
IE. older checkpoint.(or is that your only option.)

what have you changed ,downloaded installed previous to your problem?(if any revert back to see if it caused the prob.)

  smegs 10:18 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for Ur time. I have tried to restore to 28/07/03. It's still coming up saying Ur computer cannot B restored to 28/07/2003. My partner downloaded Adobe6, & installed it. After she'd done this, there was a Folder in the Start menu called NETPRINT. I downloaded the file for this thing, & eversince I've had this problem. I have uninstalled this file, but still have the problem. Any ideas would B great as this is starting to p*** me off. Shaun

  smegs 10:21 13 Aug 2003

I have finaly Bn on the windows update site. No updates for me.

  JIM 11:22 13 Aug 2003

That program (Netprint)appears to get in deep to
windows and leaves a lot of files behind.While i have a think on poss cure or alternatives do a search and see if the following file are on your system.





  JIM 11:49 13 Aug 2003

i believe you may have to do the following.If you go ahead please pay attention to the instructions
from the link.

Windows Installation CD - Repair Current Installation: (this is important to follow right)

click here

Once the inspection is complete, files will start to load from the CD to begin the installation. Eventually the screen shown in Figure 02 will be displayed offering three options. This is the point where the majority of confusion occurs about repairing a current installation. The second option asks if you want to repair an XP installation using Recovery Console. In some situations this may be the desired course of action,

"but in this case we want to repair XP without using Recovery Console."

Rather than the second option, select the first option to set up Windows by pressing Enter.


press the R key to begin the repair process.

In essence you are installing a fresh copy of XP over the existing copy. While data and settings are not destroyed, any Service Packs will have to be reinstalled after the repair process has completed. Repairing a current installation is not a substitute for reformatting a drive and doing a clean installation. It may help clear up some problems with the current installation, but it will not restore an ailing system to like new condition and performance that a clean installation will provide.

see the examples.suggest print of all instruction
Unless someone comes up with poss better solution
i think this may be poss you best choice bar a clean installation.

May appear drastic but without a systems restore to fall back to, may be only option.

  smegs 12:15 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for that. I'm going to give it a go now. Hopefully I should B back on in a little time. ThankU. Shaun

  smegs 23:01 13 Aug 2003

Sorry 4 taking so long 2 get back 2 U. Did a system repair like U said, it wiped all my internet settings. Couldn't reset it back up. Had 2 do a complete reinstall. It's ok now thanks. At least I've got a clean H/Drive now. ThankU 4 Ur time. Shaun

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