Computer Freeze/Crash. Overheating? PLEASE help.

  inrihab 17:21 23 Nov 2013

Hello guys,

I'm gonna get straight to the point. I have a custom rig I bought roughly a year ago that had been built for two weeks. It's still a pretty great build here are the specs (I'm not very great with technical stuff but I can get by):

Windows 7 Home Premium AMD FX-4170 Quad Core Processor RAM: AMD AE38G1339U2 16GB DDR3 PSU: Antec HCG-620M Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-D3 GPU: XFX Radeon Hd 7970 HDD: WDC WD10EARX-00N0YB0 ATA 1TB SSD: OCZ-AGILITY4 ATA 120GB

My computer freezes / crashes (I'm assuming it is overheating since the CPU goes to 65 degrees in BF4) during heavy processing when it did not used to. I have hard reset it hundreds of times. I DO have an unplugged case fan, but I do not know how to plug it into my has molex connectors and I dont see those on my PSU. My friend used to have this fan connected but there is no place for the molex connectors inside and I dont see a proper adapter to get it to the small 4 pin "sysfan1" spot on the motherboard. Here are pics of my setup.

Also I will post pics of my system performance with HWMonitor during use of these programs.

All responses appreciated. Thanks!

I posted this on another site where you can see the pics: click here

  inrihab 17:57 23 Nov 2013

so i know it's not the fan. I got it working but now I know it's some piece of hardware that got crappy over time. i just dont know if its my processor, psu, or ssd

  bumpkin 21:05 23 Nov 2013

Memory maybe 65 is not that hot try this click here

  inrihab 21:20 23 Nov 2013

caught my cpu at 80 degrees when i did another test before it crashed. that seems like a lot more? and i used that link but the installer installed something called quickengine and i can't even find where it installed to :S sorry for being a noob it's just weird

  bumpkin 21:33 23 Nov 2013

Ok have you done the obvious things like cleaning the heatsink.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:34 23 Nov 2013

FReeezing PC

  1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

  2. PSU voltages

  3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

  4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

  5. driver conflicts especially graphics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment


  inrihab 21:41 23 Nov 2013

i haven't cleaned the heatsink in particular but i will try this next. i'm a noob so i need to figure out how to take it off. looks pretty easy i saw a lever.. all fans are nice and clean as of yesterday, and i am running memtest now. it's definitely not any drivers or firmware or anything like that. i am hoping it is not my PSU cause I need some more money to replace that, but let's see how memtest does

  inrihab 21:47 23 Nov 2013

UPDATE: so my computer did the freeze when i was running memtest86. does that mean anything? i pulled one of my 8gb sticks out and am testing again just the one for now...

  inrihab 21:53 23 Nov 2013

you guys, this is insane, i can't even get through memtest. does that mean i have found the culprit?

  bumpkin 22:04 23 Nov 2013

Have you cleaned the heatsink or not.

  inrihab 01:08 24 Nov 2013

so i cleaned the heat sink. it was disgusting. no wonder it couldnt breathe. HUGE issue though. my display wasnt working after, i felt some click as i was fiddling with the cpu fan at first. thinking i damaged some pins, i pulled the cpu fan + processor out but all the pins looks fine. so now i am putting it back in, with a clean heat sink hoping that it works, but I cant get the mounting brackets back into the mother board. the screws are too skinny for the holes and i dont understand how they were locked in so well before. please help

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