computer freeze !!

  [DELETED] 22:09 14 Nov 2003

hi all computer win98se, celeron 750, nvidia 32mb,
30gb hard drive, cd-rw, creative 128 sound card.

this set-up does me just fine, had for four years now and no hiccups what so ever, use it only for cad software. on a recent post someone mentioned the graphics card may be overheating! well over the past month pc started to freeze, not only on the cad software. thought the fan might be on it's way out, seems okay! tested seating of cards, graphics card at the time was very hot!! took no notice until i seen the post on the forum.

what causes it and do i need to replace!


  hugh-265156 22:34 14 Nov 2003

do you get any errors on screen or does it just freeze?

have you installed any new software lately?

graphics cards have a gpu(graphics processor)on them and when its asked to work hard it will heat up,this is normal.

it may become quite warm to the touch.shouldnt burn or anything though.

have a clean out of any software you dont need,defrag your hard drive.

update drivers for motherboard,graphics card etc.

install more memory if you can.

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