Computer fan(s) making a clicking sound

  VanSanity91 10:25 16 May 2017

It's coming from one of the two fans on the CPU liquid cooler. Is this something I need to replace asap? There are two fans blowing air out if it's only one is it a must replace or can it wait for a bit?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 16 May 2017

clicking means something catching on it or a bearing failing - sometimes you can peel back the label and there may be a small hole where you can put a drop of thin oil.

  VanSanity91 11:47 16 May 2017

I am new to this PC stuff so I'm sorry If i say something dumb, But the clicking is either coming from one of the fans or the cpu water block thing that sits on the cpu. might be the cpu thing tho

  wee eddie 12:08 16 May 2017

Get yourself natural bristle paint brush, about 1cm width will do, and a hair dryer or a can of air.

Turn everything off, unplug it and open up the PC > Use the brush and a blasts of air to dislodge any dust on the fan's blades > Close it up and restart

  MJS WARLORD 21:37 16 May 2017

hope you read this before you buy the can of air , they are called air duster and can be got from a certain electronics retailer that begin with the letter m ( note to editor i did not advertise).

WARNING only hold the can vertical because if you turn it sideways the propellant squirts out. Also , do it in short bursts because the can will very quickly become cold and burn your fingers . There are many different cans so make sure you get cold not warm air ... no that is not a joke you can buy hot or cold air.

  VanSanity91 00:42 17 May 2017

So canned air can fix this clicking/rattling sound I'm hearing? That's crazy, Dust can cause that annoying sound XD. I hope it's not the liquid cooling going out.

  VanSanity91 08:03 17 May 2017

Please someone tell me what this is XD

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 17 May 2017

sounds like fan noise to me.

  wee eddie 10:00 17 May 2017

Clean the filters > Clean the fan's blades > Take the cover off the Fan Motor's Spindle and put a drip of "thin" oil on it > I'm told that "3in1" is thin enough, but wait a while for someone else to confirm this

  VanSanity91 10:30 17 May 2017

@fruit bat The fans are normal i was just comparing them I am talking about the sound I hear when I go to the top of the case where it sounds like clicking noise

  wee eddie 11:59 17 May 2017

it is going to cost you nothing if you borrow your mother/sister's hairdryer.

Give it a try

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