Computer fair PC's

  Rodders06 20:27 22 Jul 2004

I need to up grade by aging PC (p1). Been looking
at the "rebuilt" PC's on offer at my local computer fair (Northern computers Bradford).
These vary from about £230-430 depending on spec

Cheaper used asrock motherboards with AMD processors etc.

No software. Anyone had one,? are they ok or should these be avoided?

Advise please.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:30 22 Jul 2004

It will all depend on the vendor - many of them are there week in, week out and give a decent warranty. A small few come once a month and give a 30days warranty... if you can find them in between.

Many also have outlets in various other places; check with the vendors and have a chat about general PC issues to see what they know.

  Gaz 25 20:31 22 Jul 2004

asrock motherboards, although ok.

I wouldnt suggest them,

I'd only buy Gigabyte, MSI, Abit or Tyan.

  Dorsai 20:35 22 Jul 2004

The only suggestion i can make is to go there early in the morning, buy what you want and go straight home, and try it. That way if it don't work right/at all, the fair is still running and the trader you bought from is probably still there, and you can try to get a refund.

Also pay by credit card, as that way the trader is registered/traceable in some way, and you can make a claim from your card company/stop payment, as most C/Cards have some form of insurance on purchases over a certain amount.

Never been to a PC fair, let alone bought from one though. just general advice.

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