Computer Fair?!?!

  CPU Magnet 19:12 01 Feb 2003

I have been using this site for quite a while know and I have seen the mention of computer fairs a lot. I would like to know what they are and the types of places where they are held. It seems you can get a lot of things for very low prices at these fairs.

  rickf 19:19 01 Feb 2003

Look for them in Micromart mag. Most fairs are advertised there. They take place usually every Saturday from 10-3pm.

  Rayuk 19:19 01 Feb 2003

Have a look click here

  Legolas 19:24 01 Feb 2003

computer fairs vary widely in the quality of computer products you can get there, I have been to a few in Glasgow and was not all that impressed I did,nt really see any great bargains but having said that they are worth a look and can become quite addictive because you are always looking for that real bargain, click here this site lists dates and venues for all the main computer fairs throughout the country, happy hunting.

  Legolas 19:26 01 Feb 2003

beat me to it Rayuk

  CPU Magnet 20:57 01 Feb 2003

Thanks a lot for all the responses, any more are welcome.

  jediknight007 21:00 01 Feb 2003

If you live in London, you can visit computer fairs in Stratford, East London or Tottenham Court Rd in Central London which has some real bargains although I have never been there myself.

  CPU Magnet 21:00 01 Feb 2003


  y_not 21:03 01 Feb 2003

Computer fairs generally sell end-of-line and old stock.

If you want the very latest "all singing;all dancing" kit then you probably won't find what you want ther.

If you want good kit, reasonable prices and a good degree of "come-back" if something goes wrong then they are fine (most stalls are there every time the show is on).

Buy most of my bits there except mainboards....had too many problems with them so I confess to using PC World for them cause they open every day and till late in the evening.

Have a look (usually costs 2 quid to get in)

  rickf 09:18 02 Feb 2003

Comp fairs in London, especially the one at Totenham Ct Road do have some very good bargains. Usually less vat or around 20% cheaper. Buy from dealers who have shops though. They also, contrary to whats been said, do have the latest products. I buy most of my hardware from fairs nowadays and have not had anything wrong with the products to date.

  MichelleC 11:16 02 Feb 2003

There's 1 at Crystal palace very fortnight. I was wary at 1st but if u see the same faces at stalls u know they're pucker. I get stuff a lot cheaper and it's good.

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