Computer failing to fire up

  carlos 11:44 03 Mar 2003

After reading the request for precise info from those seeking help, I hesitate to post this.... Got a PC that has suddenly refused to boot. ie I turn it on, the lights on the CD etc come on but the hard drive light doesn't flicker and I can't hear it whirring, as it used to. Just gives me a black screen( monitor light goes green then back to orange). Absolutely no booting. Be very grateful for just pointers as to the cause. It's a Win98, 1Ghz.Two years old with no previous problems and no recent additions /removals. Nothing special inside nor attached. Checked all connections, inside and out too
Apologies for any insufficiency but don't know where to go from here.

  dalgy 11:49 03 Mar 2003

ideas, if you have more than one strip of ram try each one seperatly

is the fan spinning on the cpu when you turn it on ?

try taking power out of the cd, hard drive , floppy and see if you get a picture.

reseat all cards and processor

  dalgy 11:52 03 Mar 2003

try removing the motherboard from the case and running it (could be a short)

Hope this helps if not you will need to change the cpu/motherboard to trobleshoot if they are the problem

  carlos 11:52 03 Mar 2003

but will go and check rest now....thank you

  ©®@$ђ 11:55 03 Mar 2003

double check all the connections,

i.e the hardrive power connection and ide cable.make sure everything is seated correctly such as the graphics card and memory.

also make sure the cable from the monitor is connected correctly to the back of the machine

  MAJ 11:55 03 Mar 2003

If nothing is happening with the hard drive, that doesn't sound good. Can you try the hard drive in another computer to see if you can access it? It's not an IBM hard drive by any chance, is it?

  MAJ 11:57 03 Mar 2003

Oh, and try a different IDE ribbon cable.

  carlos 12:28 03 Mar 2003

Tried reseating all cards and swapping power cables. Interesting result........the single POST beep was heard this time and the monitor came on but stuck on the AWard check thro, on the "checking hard drive......" icon. It states to "press tab to enter BIOS" but there is no response to any key stroke.Tried several times , with same result. Only Hard drive to check now, or is the above definitive symptom?

  MalcSP 12:33 03 Mar 2003

the death of a hard drive. My PC did exactly the same a week last Friday. I now have a new Hard Drive. All is well. Is it a FUJITSU?

  carlos 12:57 03 Mar 2003

Well....I changed the cable to the hard drive. It is now recog but the checkscreen then stops after above message is shown. Be grateful for expl on what it means.
Thanks for continued support

  carlos 13:21 03 Mar 2003

Sorry to flag again but this message comes up on boot and it stalls here. Be grateful to know what it means eg your hard drive is stuffed! Resigned to that already ( have back-up, of course)

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