Computer exceedingly slow first thing in the morning

  thumbscrew 17:52 23 Apr 2015

I've posted this before but I've encountered something I didn't know then, it may have some relevance so I'll have another go. My machine is painfully slow/pretty much freezes after it's been turned off overnight. All I can do is keep turning on and off by holding down the power button, and eventually it responds. However I've discovered that if I run Disc Defragmenter (Even though it's only 1% fragmented), then it reverts to normal speed.....until the next morning that is! If anyone has any ideas I'd be obliged.

  Batch 18:22 23 Apr 2015

? Disk full?

? Disk dying?

  thumbscrew 20:35 23 Apr 2015

Thanks Batch, re full, I've got 109GB left from 148GB. As for the Hard Drive being deceased....that I don't know.

  wee eddie 21:24 23 Apr 2015

Using the Power Button to turn it off is a recipe for disaster and could easily corrupt Windows.

Find one of Fruitbat's postings on 'How to speed up your PC' and work your way through it.

You can expect an elderly Windows PC to take between 5 and 10 minutes to boot.

So: Don't sit there like a prune watching it. Turn it on and go to make breakfast, drink your coffee and read the papers. With any luck it should then be up and running.!

  thumbscrew 21:36 23 Apr 2015

Thanks Eddie, but if only. Every day...every single day after boot up first thing after an all night lay-off it's slow...painfully slow. Leaving it until I've had a four course breakfast makes absolutely no difference and the only way I can deal with it is by using the power button as it's already other choice!

  wee eddie 21:52 23 Apr 2015

I am just guessing but, is the Anti Virus running on Boot Up? That could be the cause of the tardiness you are experiencing

  Batch 22:31 23 Apr 2015

Can you get into task manager to see what is running (and in particular whether there's anything hogging the CPU)?

I'm guessing it's quite an old machine (with a nominal 160GB HDD). How much memory has it got (and is it all being recognised)?

Also what is the machine spec / model and what OS / major software is installed?

  thumbscrew 11:19 24 Apr 2015

Cheers Eddie, Yes I've suspected my Avast Free, but as far as I know it has to run on boot-up. Batch it's Windows 7 64bit with 2GB Ram, HP Compaq, FF/IE/Google Chrome installed, SAS, MWB and the usual stuff. I'm typing this after another forced defrag due to the usual crawl this morning, and the defrag's speeded it up as usual....until tomorrow morning!!

  Jollyjohn 11:49 24 Apr 2015

When W7 starts it is looking for updates and it is Indexing the drive. Also W7 really needs 4GB RAM to run efficiently.

You could just put the PC to sleep overnight. This will allow it to do updates overnight, about 03:00 unless you change the time and it will stop W7 going through the drive and indexing it when it restarts.

Have a look here click here - results of Google search for W7 indexing. Scroll down a little for How to disable indexing to improve performance.

  wee eddie 12:03 24 Apr 2015

I don't use Avast but I think that you can limit the amount of processing power that it uses. It may also be possible to restrict the AV run to running while the Processor is idle.

  wee eddie 12:10 24 Apr 2015

Jollyjohn is correct. But don't despair. W10 is on its way, as a free upgrade. If you can, making your RAM up to 4GB makes real sense. Check out Crucial's website and use their recommendation, the few extra quid they charge is good value

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