Computer dust

  Tony W. 09:38 28 May 2010

I recentely upgraded my graphics card and was amazed at the amount of dust that was inside my computer case and on the components.

Is there anyway that I can prevent this happening in the future.Or perhaps can anyone suggest where I might get a small suitable compartment for placing the base unit in at the moment its on the floor.


  canarieslover 10:48 28 May 2010

Don't place it in any type of enclosure as that may lead to overheating. Get it off the floor if you can as that puts it nearer the major source of dust. If you can't manage that the best thing to do is to take the side off every three to four months and clean the dust out. I use an Air Duster Spray click here. Just very short bursts of the spray will get the dust out and leave for ten minutes or so afterwards as compressed air can sometimes be slightly damp.

  onthelimit 11:50 28 May 2010

There are solutions click here

  Graphicool1 12:09 28 May 2010

Further to what canarieslover has just said, regarding 'getting it off the floor'! There is another reason you shouldn't have it on the floor and that is 'Static Electricity'. Unless of course you have it standing on a rubber mat.

Beware of static also applies if you intend delving about inside the PC casing. Leave the PC plugged in, but make sure it is turned off at the mains. If you can get one, wear an earthing wrist band. If not then make sure at least one hand is touching bare metal in the casing, to discharge the static. Stand on a rubber mat.

As for me, I use the hoover, to suck the dust out. Because like the PC I too am allergic to dust.

  Graphicool1 12:25 28 May 2010

I'm not immpressed with the vinyl cover, in your link. I don't know about anyone elses but as for my PC the top and sides don't have vents, therefore they don't need covering. The front of the PC has two DVD players, always in use. A Creative Labs Audigy Infra Red Remote Control panel, the can't be covered. As for the back, the entire area, from top to bottom has plugs, leads and USB extensions going in and out. So that wouldn't be able to be covered either. I suppose it would be ok if you wanted to keep your PC in storage, but no good when in use.

  Ventad 12:43 28 May 2010

I think that you must have misread onthelimit's link:- The ShopShield™ CPU dust cover is a highly breathable cover that completely encases your PC tower to filter out dust. It remains installed at all times -- even while the computer is running.

There is also a flap for the DVD/CD

  Graphicool1 15:08 28 May 2010

...I think 'you' must have misread 'my' post. Perhaps I didn't explain myself well enough?

I understand it is breathable. However, it doesn't alter the fact that you couldn't use such a snug fitting cover - as they are showing - on my PC and still allow it to be used.

There is a multitude of paraphernalia protruding at least four inches from the back of my PC, I'm constantly adding, subtracting and adjusting hardware

What is the point of a dust cover with flaps, if they have to be continually opened to allow the PC to be used?!

Also, in the case of the "Infra Red Remote Control" it can't be covered at all!?

  onthelimit 15:37 28 May 2010

The vinyl one you mention is for storage and not for when the PC is running.

  Ventad 16:47 28 May 2010

ventad, I appreciate your comment, but...
have a look at FAQ,
click here
scroll down to the bottom velcro around the wires. I would not use it but they appear to have allowed for most things. I only answered to your comment because you were clearly talking about the wrong item:-

"I'm not immpressed with the vinyl cover, in your link."

  Tony W. 17:58 28 May 2010

Thank you to all those who replied and the helpful advice. My computer has now been placed in another position away from the floor.I have obtained a compressed air Duster spray although not the same one as in Canarieslovers link because I wanted it today.It has done an excellent job and even got to the parts that I could not reach.Tony.

  Dark Mantis 17:59 28 May 2010

Ahh, Heiniken!

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