computer doesnt work fully when switching on...

  theDarkness 13:29 01 Mar 2010

around one third of the time, when I switch the pc on, the fans will start, but thats it. The screen doesnt come on, with no "pc on" beeping sound, so I have to hold down the tower button to switch off, and then click the same tower button to try again.

When the system eventually decides to load up/come on fully, no problems at all, so I am certain its not a cable issue. I am using XP SP3, but this problem was also present when I used SP1 and 2. Perhaps some windows update or program installation could cause it? Does anyone have any ideas? Its hard to work out the problem as (just like my monitor with its horizontal jumping) I can fix it by reinstalling windows, but eventually the problem will start again .... :( its time for windows 7 but i need a new system and to wait until the 7 bugs/incompatibilities are all worked out :) thanks

  Technotiger 13:44 01 Mar 2010

Sounds more like an intermittent PSU problem, better make sure you have everything important backed-up in case it dies on you.

  theDarkness 17:23 01 Mar 2010

could b- but i just find it strange if I reinstall windows, the problem goes away. for a while! :( surely if it was a PSU problem, reinstalling would make no difference?

it doesnt seem to be a cabling/connection issue. the system/board itself is getting on a bit, from 2002. i think the psu itself is from around 2004.
i have an external hd for backing up

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